Prospect Q&A: Marcus Georges-Hunt

How has this process been for you overall as far as coming to these workouts for these teams?

It’s been fun, it’s been a learning process. Its like going to college recruitment all over again. You learn a lot from different organizations and what they value, and their history. It’s been a fun learning process.

What’s your main focus coming in?

Show my strengths, play defense for the most part. Because I fee like a lot of teams need lock down defenders. Show my athleticism, leadership just the little things, show the little things.

If drafted by the Nuggets, how do you see yourself fitting into the organization?

I feel like I could be a lock down three guy. I strive in transition; I see that they like to run. I watch Kenneth Faried and how he gets out and runs. They could turn me into a three-er, I’m pretty good at transition, I love transition. The up-tempo pace, I really could fit in.

If there was one thing that you wanted this organization of fans in Denver to know what would that be?

I’m a hard working, high-character guy. I’m loyal to the organization, especially if they’re loyal to me.

If there was one person you compare yourself to in the NBA as far as someone you model your game after who would that be?

Wesley Matthews. Lockdown defender, lockdown shots and finishes strong. Creates a lot of mismatches, but for the most part he’s always on the best play.

What’s the rest of summer looking like for you?

I’m going home back to Atlanta. I’ve been on a four pre-draft workout streak. I go to Utah Tuesday so I’m going to rest up, relax, get off my feet.