Prospect Q&A: Alec Peters

What do you want the Nuggets organization and the fans here in Denver to know about you?
Oh geez. I’m a huge Chicago Cubs fan… I’m not sure if that helps or hurts what they think.

If drafted, how you do see yourself fitting into the Nuggets roster?
They need three-point shooting. I think that’s one thing they struggled with last year. That’s one thing I try to do that brings myself to this level. I pride myself in being able to shoot the three.

Who do you most compare your game to in the NBA right now?
I watched a lot of [Phoenix Suns forward] Mirza Teletovic and [Dallas Mavericks forward] Chandler Parsons, just how they move around the arc, how they shoot, how they space the floor for their teams. I watched a lot of their tape.

What are your main areas of focus going into these workouts?
I just wanted to impress someone in here that’s watching that can give me the best feedback possible so I can make the right decision before next Wednesday.

You played some of your best basketball towards the end of the season and made it to the NIT championship game. What was your mindset?
I didn’t want it to end. I loved the team we had. I was going to do anything in my power to keep us moving until we won our last game. It didn’t work out but I just wanted to give everything I got.

How has your experience at Valparaiso helped you prepare for potentially playing in the NBA?
It’s small so a lot of people don’t hear about it. When I came in here, a lot of the guys were like ‘oh, what school are you from?’ That underdog feel motivates me coming into these things.

What do you feel you bring to the table that other players don’t?
I can shoot the ball with the best of them. I’m going to have that confidence through my entire basketball career that I’m the best shooter on the floor.