Nuggets Hold Fan Fest at Manual High School

The Denver Nuggets took to the court at Manuel High School for an opportunity for fans to get an up-close look at this year’s team. The team was met with enthusiastic fans who came out to see their favorite team.

The Denver Nuggets Dancers got things started with a routine at center court. SuperMascot Rocky came out after the dancers and engaged the crowd with a clapping routine, encouraging fans to clap in the same rhythm as him but in typical Rocky fashion he messed with the crowd often pausing to get the crowd to clap when they weren’t supposed to. Rocky had a friendly tease for several fans who had trouble staying in rhythm.

After Rocky it was time for the main show as the Nuggets took the court. The team went through their regular stretching routine followed up by a full court layup drill with several players throwing down dunks. The players then went through a shooting drill with the team shooting corner threes right next to the courtside fans.

After the drills it was time for some fun. Public address announcer Kyle Speller called for all of the rookies to come out for a pushup contest against several young fans. That wasn’t the end of the challenges for the rookies, Isaiah Thomas took the mic and called for his rookie teammates to participate in a dance contest. The rookies laughed as they did their best but their moves from the popular video game Fortnite got the young fans in crowd into an uproar as those in the stands mimicked the moves.

Many fans got to interact with the players as select young fans were called to come down and participate in a dribbling relay. The players laughed as they made their way through the cones and then after finishing encouraged the young fans as they ran through the relay course.

The players then participated in a game of dribble knockout with other young fans, with the players weaving in between the kids and trying not to let the kids knock their basketball out of bounds. Several players took aim at each other, trying to knock their teammate’s ball out.

The team finished things up with a dunk contest, as DeVaughn Akoon-Purcell, Emanuel Terry and Malik Beasley dazzled the crowd with spectacular dunks.

Coach Michael Malone finished the event by thanking the crowd for coming out and encouraging fans to come to Pepsi Center this season.


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