Paul Millsap’s emerging presence on TikTok -- Daily Nugget

by Alex Labidou Staff Writer

Paul Millsap, whom Altitude personality Katy Winge proclaims to be the “Dad of Denver”, is interestingly showing off his unique blend of humor and dance moves in place no one could have expected: Tik Tok.

The social media might be the preferred outlet for a younger generation, but the 35-year-old Millsap has fit right in.

Here are his first three posts:


How I get ready for bed!

One Wish - Ray J


Kids told me this not how the dance goes but baby joker don’t care

original sound - paulmillsap4


@pmillsap23 @xylah_millsap teaching they pops how to dance.

original sound - itzjusterica

Give this man a follow at @PaulMillsap4. Also check out the official Nuggets Tik Tok account here.


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