Paul Millsap Joins Altitude Sports Radio

Paul Millsap joined the Julie and Mose show on Altitude Sports Radio after officially joining the Denver Nuggets. During the interview, Millsap discussed his fit with the current roster, his decision to join the team, his leadership role with the young Nuggets core, and what he expects in his relationships with Michael Malone and Nikola Jokić.

The conversation opened with a discussion of Millsap's fit within the team. Millsap made note of the Nugget's play centered around ball movement.

“Just their style of play, you know, how unselfish they are.”

Moving on, Millsap recalled the sales pitch that the Nuggets front office made to him. “The organization was great, man, and they answered all the questions honestly, I feel. They were so genuine with me and open with me that it felt comfortable to me. With comfortability comes, you know, I want to work with those guys.”

Filling in for Julie, Romero asked Millsap how he felt about joining a core of young guys with the Nuggets.

“It starts with five guys on the court willing to give up the basketball to get a better shot, willing to hit the open guy and that’s what I’m all about as a basketball player. It’s fun to watch and fun to be a part of and I think that’s what it’s all about. You have to have fun playing basketball.”

He continued discussing his role with the Nuggets, highlighting what he brings to the defensive end and how he can elevate the play of the Nuggets.

“If you take the defensive ability and take it up another notch, try to get it into the top ten with the offensive firepower we have, I mean, you’re looking at a scary basketball team. Hopefully that’s what I add to this team – a defensive presence.”

The conversation moved to head coach Michael Malone and center Nikola Jokić. On Malone he said, “When we got talking into basketball, we could’ve sat there and talked for hours about that. I can tell the passion on his face and I feel like in his heart on wanting to win. Hopefully I’m that guy to come in and push it over the top.” On Jokić he remarked, “With him and his passing ability and his IQ and the way guys move and cut when he has the basketball, I’m going to be one of those guys cutting looking to get easy layups.”

The full interview can be heard above.