Denver Nuggets Sky-line Drumline auditions provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

by Eric Spyropoulos
Staff Writer

When fans attend a typical Denver Nuggets game at Pepsi Center, they are treated to a wonderful night of entertainment that is often separated from the on-court action. Sure, the thrilling shot-making from Jamal Murray or beautiful passing from Nikola Jokić are sure to captivate the audience, but so too can performances by the Nuggets Dancers or the Sky-line Drumline.

On Saturday, the Drumline will hold auditions for the 2019-20 season. These annual auditions consist of a solo performance, a group performance, and an interview stage for new applicants. Veterans of the drumline are also required to audition. The group looks for 20-25 people each year, with five-to-seven spots typically opening up for new members. However, those numbers can change depending on the number of applicants and their availability.

Of course, a drumming and musical background is expected, but as the Sky-line Drumline manager Chris Dighero explains, there is much more that goes into the decision-making process. “What we're looking for is a musician that brings a lot of energy. In the Drumline world, it's typically about how many notes you can play and how well you can play them. We are looking for that but we're looking for individuals that are going to be fun to watch for the fans at Pepsi Center. We're not only looking at how you play, but what you look like when you're playing."

The Drumline plays a key role in the presentation and activities that surround a typical Nuggets game. From the moment fans enter Pepsi Center through timeouts and select halftime performances, Nuggets fans are able to enjoy the group’s presence. The Drumline is also available for public appearances throughout the year that keep the group busy and focused on entertaining Nuggets fans.

The audition process is a crucial component of the group’s success each season. "There's a lot of planning that goes into this behind-the-scenes from myself and the game entertainment staff,” Dighero explains. “Just making sure that we have the timeline finalized, making sure people know where to go and be at the right times. Thankfully, It's really a smooth-running process because the people coming in usually know how to drum and know how it works.”

Dighero mentioned that a component that can occasionally force applicants to adjust is the performance aspect of the audition. While technical execution is crucial, there is an emphasis on ensuring that all members of the squad are willing and able to electrify a Pepsi Center crowd on any given game night.

The auditions begin at 11 am this Saturday and will take place at Pepsi Center. To learn more about the audition process and to register, please click here.


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