Denver Nuggets Dancers | Meet Hannah

Hannah is a rookie this season with the Denver Nuggets Dancers (DND). She was born and raised in Thornton, Colorado. She began dancing when she was thirteen years old. Her earliest memory of dance was dancing in the outfield during her t-ball game at the young age of six years. Her favorite memory thus far as a DND is taking the court for the very first time during preseason, “All the hard work at practices paid off!” she says.

Other than being a DND, Hannah is a full-time student and a dance teacher. She is going to school for nursing. She balances school with this team by making sure she stays organized with a planner. Her favorite part of working as a dance teacher is being a role model for future dancers. The little ones look up to her in so many ways.

Hannah lives by the quote "Fear kills dreams" she lives by this because, “It encourages me to keep taking risks and to keep pushing myself to reach my goals” she says. We are so excited to call Hannah one of our very own DND.