2023-24 Kia Season Preview

22 key NBA milestones to watch for in 2023-24

A closer look at notable player and team-by-team statistical milestones that could occur this season.

Kevin Durant and LeBron James can both add to their vast scoring exploits in 2023-24.

The 2023-24 season is set to begin and there are plenty of historic stats milestones to keep track of during the action.

From LeBron James to Kevin Durant and more, here are 22 major individual milestones you should follow this season — as well as some key team records that could be set, too.

LeBron James | Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James cemented himself this season among the all-time greats of the NBA by becoming the all-time leading regular season scoring leader.


In the 2022-23 season, LeBron James became the NBA’s career leader in points scored when he surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Feb. 8, 2023 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He enters the season with 38,652 points and would need just 1,348 points to become the first in league history with 40,000 career points.

The odds of him reaching the 40,000-point mark seem almost a certainty based on his past performance. He scored 1,590 points in 2022-23, had 1,695 points two seasons ago and hasn’t scored less than 1,505 points in a season since 2018-19.

All-time scoring leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Points
1. LeBron James 38,652
2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
3. Karl Malone 36,928
4. Kobe Bryant 33,643
5. Michael Jordan 32,292
6. Dirk Nowitzki 31,560
7. Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
8. Shaquille O’Neal 28,596
9. Carmelo Anthony 28,289
10. Moses Malone 27,409

Minutes played, games played & seasons played

Entering this season, James is No. 3 on the all-time minutes played list with 54,094 minutes. That puts him 759 minutes behind Karl Malone for No. 2 and 3,353 behind Abdul-Jabbar for No. 1. He has a great chance of getting this record as well as he played 1,954 minutes in 2022-23 and has yet to play less than 1,504 minutes in his five seasons with the Lakers.

James is No. 9 all-time in games played (1,421) and needs four games to pass former All-Star Kevin Willis (1,424) for No. 8 and 42 to pass Kevin Garnett (1,462). He has played in roughly 55 games in each of the last five seasons and doing so would tie him with Malone for No. 6 on the all-time list (1,476).

Lastly, this will mark James’ 21st regular season, which ties him for second most with Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki and Robert Parish as well as former All-Star Kevin Willis. Vince Carter, who retired after the 2019-20 season, holds the all-time record with 22 seasons.


James ranks No. 9 in career steals (2,186) and needs 22 more to pass Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler (2,207) for the No. 8 spot. James posted at least 100 steals in 10 of his first 11 seasons but has slowed down in that department since then and is averaging 64 steals per season over his last five seasons. He needs 122 steals to pass Scottie Pippen, who is No. 7 all-time in steals (2,307).

3-pointers made

Over the last five seasons, James has averaged 129 3-pointers made per season. He needs 129 more 3-pointers to pass Jason Terry (2,282 career 3-pointers) for No. 8 and Vince Carter (2,290) for No. 7 on the all-time 3-pointers made list. James has 2,261 career 3-pointers and 129 more would lift him to 2,390 — about 60 or so shy of passing former teammate Kyle Korver for No. 5 all-time.

(Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, who led the NBA in 3-pointers made last season, begins the season in 11th place all time, 48 3-pointers behind James.)

Triple-doubles & free throws made

James is tied for fourth in career triple-doubles with Jason Kidd (107) and needs 32 more to pass Lakers legend and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson (138). Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić (105) is two triple-doubles behind James and Kidd.

Additionally, James ranks fourth in career free throws made (8,087). He needs 292 made free throws to pass Lakers legend Kobe Bryant (8,378) for No. 3. That could be an attainable goal for James after making 251 free throws last season and 254 two seasons ago.

All-Star Game appearances

In NBA history, only four players have participated in 15 or more All-Star Games: Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and James. Last season, James surpassed Abdul-Jabbar in total All-Star appearances when he got to No. 19. This season, James can become the first player with 20 career All-Star appearances should he be named to the 2024 NBA All-Star Game in Indianapolis.

Considering that James has led in All-Star voting 10 times in his career — including the last seven All-Star Games — it is a pretty safe bet that, barring injury, he’ll reach All-Star nod No. 20.

Chris Paul | Golden State Warriors

After three seasons with the Phoenix Suns, Paul was moved (first to Washington and then to Golden State) in offseason trades. He’s now squarely with the Warriors and has a chance to move up to No. 2 on a pair of all-time stats leaderboards.


The odds of Paul catching all-time assists leader John Stockton (15,806) are pretty slim given Paul’s mileage. However, he is just 591 assists shy of passing Jason Kidd for No. 2 on the all-time assists list, a feat Paul may have to work to pull off in 2023-24.

Last season, he had 524 assists but in the two seasons before that, he posted 702 assists (in 2021-22) and 622 assists (’20-21). However, those totals were a bit of outliers as he had four straight seasons before that with 563 or fewer assists. Depending on his role with the Warriors, Paul may have a decent shot at surpassing Kidd.

All-time assists leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Assists
1. John Stockton 15,806
2. Jason Kidd 12,091
3. Chris Paul * 11,501
4. LeBron James * 10,420
5. Steve Nash 10,335
6. Mark Jackson 10,334
7. Magic Johnson 10,141
8. Oscar Robertson 9,887
9. Russell Westbrook * 9,162
10. Isiah Thomas 9,061
* = Active player


Stockton also has the steals mark well out of Paul’s reach with 3,265 to Paul’s 2,544. However, Paul needs just 141 more steals to pass Kidd for No. 2 in steals. Last season, Paul had 91 steals and has not had more than 140 steals in a season since 2015-16, when he was with the LA Clippers.

All-time steals leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Steals
1. John Stockton 3,265
2. Jason Kidd 2,684
3. Chris Paul 2,544
4. Michael Jordan 2,514
5. Gary Payton 2,445

Kevin Durant | Phoenix Suns


Scoring has never been an issue for Durant and even changing teams at midseason couldn’t slow his proficiency in bucket-making. Last season, he started off at No. 21 on the all-time scoring list but quickly made his way up the ranks. By season’s end, he had passed Alex English, Vince Carter, Kevin Garnett, John Havlicek, Paul Pierce, Tim Duncan, Dominique Wilkins and Oscar Robertson to vault to 13th place.

This season, Durant has a more than solid shot at cracking the top 10 in all-time scoring. Durant needs 55 points to pass No. 12 Hakeem Olajuwon (26,946), 422 points to pass No. 11 Elvin Hayes (27,313) and 518 points to pass No. 10 Moses Malone (27,409).

Last season, Durant amassed 1,366 points in 47 games, which was more or less on pace with his previous season (1,643 points in 55 games in ’21-22). If Durant scores about 1,600 points this season, he’d have enough to pass Carmelo Anthony (28,289) for No. 9 on the scoring list. A healthy season with 2,000 or more points would give him more than enough to pass Shaquille O’Neal (28,596) for the No. 8 spot. Lastly, Durant needs 3,108 more points to become the eighth member of the 30,000-point club.

All-time scoring leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Points
8. Shaquille O’Neal 28,596 (1,705 points away)
9. Carmelo Anthony 28,289 (1,398 points away)
10. Moses Malone 27,409 (518 points away)
11. Elvin Hayes 27,313 (422 points away)
12. Hakeem Olajuwon 26,946 (55 points away)
13. Kevin Durant 26,892

James Harden | Philadelphia 76ers


Harden has long been one of the NBA’s best at both scoring and playmaking and stands to rise the ranks in a couple of the categories that comprise those skills.

First, he needs just 307 more points to reach 25,000 in his career. Beyond becoming the 24th player ever to accomplish that feat, Harden has a great chance to move into the Top 20 in all-time scoring, too. Harden is just over 1,000 points away from cracking that group, which would mean passing No. 24 Patrick Ewing (24,815), No. 23 Jerry West (25,192), No. 22 Reggie Miller (25,279), No. 21 Alex English (25,613) and No. 20 Vince Carter (25,728).

In 2022-23, Harden scored 1,216 points and has averaged 1,240 points over his last three seasons. Provided he is healthy in 2023-24 and scores about 1,240, he’d have more than enough to overtake Carter for the No. 20 spot.

All-time scoring leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Points
19. Kevin Garnett 26,071 (1,379 points away)
20. Vince Carter 25,728 (1,036 points away)
21. Alex English 25,613 (921 points away)
22. Reggie Miller 25,279 (587 points away)
23. Jerry West 25,192 (500 points away)
24. Patrick Ewing 24,815 (123 points away)
25.  James Harden 24,693


Harden ranks No. 20 in career assists (7,015) and is fresh off leading the NBA in assists per game in 2022-23 (10.7 apg). Last season, he had 618 total assists and has averaged 568 assists over his last four seasons. Harden needs 570 assists in 2023-24 to reach No. 14 on the all-time assists list and supplant Rajon Rondo (7,584) and leapfrog five other players, too. Making the jump from No. 14 to pass Rod Strickland at No. 13 is a bit more arduous: Harden would need to post at least 973 assists to do so. (Harden’s career high for assists in a season is 907, set in 2016-17.)

Here’s a closer look at the players within striking range for Harden in 2023-24.

All-time assists leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Points
13. Rod Strickland 7,987 (973 assists away)
14. Rajon Rondo 7,584 (570 assists away)
15. Maurice Cheeks 7,392 (378 assists away)
16. Lenny Wilkens 7,211 (197 assists away)
17. Terry Porter 7,160 (146 assists away)
18. Tim Hardaway 7,095 (81 assists away)
19. Tony Parker 7,036 (22 assists away)
20.  James Harden 7,015

3-pointers made

Harden ranks third in career 3-pointers made (2,754). He needs 220 more 3-pointers to pass No. 2 Ray Allen (2,973). However, that may be a tall order given Harden’s recent production. He made 161 3-pointers last season, which was an increase from the 141 he made in 2021-22. However, the last time Harden made 220 or more 3-pointers was in 2019-20, when he sank 299.

Russell Westbrook | LA Clippers


The NBA’s all-time leader in triple-doubles is on the cusp of triple-double history once again. Westbrook snagged the all-time mark in 2021 with his 182nd career triple-double and has been adding to that mark since then.

He enters the 2023-24 season with 198 triple-doubles, leaving him two triple-doubles shy of becoming the first player with 200 triple-doubles. Should Westbrook accomplish the feat, he’d add to his triple-double lore in another way: per Statmuse, Westbrook’s 200 triple-doubles would be more than 21 teams have in their entire history.


Westbrook has scored 24,457 points in his career, which ranks No. 27 on the all-time scoring list. He and his former teammate, Harden, could be in for a thrilling season as they both work to see how high they can rise in the 25,000-point club.

In 2023-24, Westbrook needs 543 points to reach 25,000 in his career. Always a capable scorer, he has never amassed less than 1,002 points in a season and is averaging just under 1,400 points per season over his last four seasons. If he scores 1,400 this season, Westbrook would pass many of the names Harden will and has a great chance at ranking in the Top 20 in all-time scoring, too.

All-time scoring leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Points
19. Kevin Garnett 26,071 (1,379 points away)
20. Vince Carter 25,728 (1,036 points away)
21. Alex English 25,613 (921 points away)
22. Reggie Miller 25,279 (587 points away)
23. Jerry West 25,192 (500 points away)
24. Patrick Ewing 24,815 (123 points away)
25. James Harden * 24,693 (237 points away)
26. Ray Allen 24,505 (49 points away)
27. Russell Westbrook * 24,457
* = Active player

Stephen Curry | Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry once again showed why he's considered the best shooter in the NBA in the 2022-23 season.

3-pointers made

Early last season, Stephen Curry passed Ray Allen for the all-time lead in 3-pointers made. Two months later, he became the first player with 3,000 career 3-pointers. He enters the 2023-24 season with 3,390 career 3-pointers and needs just 110 more to become the first player with 3,500 3-pointers.

How likely is this to happen? You can pretty much guarantee it if Curry is healthy. Other than his injury-marred 2011-12 and 2019-20 seasons — he played less than 30 games in both campaigns — Curry has made at least 212 3-pointers in each of his last five healthy seasons and had 273 made 3s in 2022-23.

Klay Thompson | Golden State Warriors

3-pointers made

Thompson has made 2,213 3-pointers in his career, which puts him in 11th place. However, he’s just nine 3-pointers away from passing Jamal Crawford (2,221) for the No. 10 spot. Depending on how he fares this season — and depending on how the active players ahead of him manage — Thompson could crack the Top 5.

Last season, Thompson led the NBA and set a personal single-season best with 301 3-pointers made. Throwing out his comeback season in 2021-22, Thompson has 210 or more 3-pointers in every season since 2012-13. Over his last four healthy seasons, Thompson has averaged 259 3s and if he hits 259 this season, he’d have a chance to move ahead of several players. Here’s a closer look:

All-time 3-pointers made, NBA history
Rank Player Points
5. Kyle Korver 2,450 (238 3s away)
6. Damian Lillard * 2,387 (175 3s away)
7. Vince Carter 2,290 (78 3s away)
8. Jason Terry 2,282 (70 3s away)
9. LeBron James * 2,261 (49 3s away)
10. Jamal Crawford 2,221 (10 3s away)
11. Klay Thompson 2,213
* = Active player

Nikola Jokic | Denver Nuggets

Relive Nikola Jokic's regular-season campaign with his best plays from 2022-23.


Jokic ranks sixth on the all-time triple-double list with 105. He needs two more to pass James and Kidd, who share fourth place with 107. Jokic needs 34 more to pass Lakers legend and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson (138) for third place.

Last season, Jokic had an NBA-best 29 triple-doubles and had 19 and 16, respectively, in the two seasons before that. It seems unlikely he’ll pass Johnson this season, but he’s sure to keep pressure on James in the race to see who can reach the No. 3 spot first.

Damian Lillard | Milwaukee Bucks


Entering season No. 12, Lillard has amassed 19,376 points in his career, which puts him 624 points shy of 20,000. Should Lillard accomplish that feat, he would become the 51st player to join the 20,000-point club. Reaching that mark shouldn’t be a problem: Lillard has averaged 1,959 points over his last four healthy seasons and totaled 1,866 points in 2022-23 despite playing just 58 games.

If he scores at least 1,566 points this season, Lillard would move to No. 41 and surpass Hall of Famer Walt Bellamy (20,941 points) for that perch. Along the way, Lillard would pass legends such as Tony Parker (19,473 points), Dwight Howard (19,485), Bernard King (19,655), John Stockton (19,711), Mitch Richmond (20,497), former Blazers teammate LaMarcus Aldridge (20,558), George Gervin (20,708), David Robinson (20,790) and Bob Pettit (20,880).

3-pointers made

Lillard is No. 6 all-time in career 3-pointers (2,397) and needs 64 more to pass Kyle Korver (2,450 career 3s) for No. 5 on that list. He’s also 173 3-pointers away from passing Reggie Miller (2,560) for No. 4.

Much like the scoring threshold for 20,000 points, Lillard shouldn’t have much of an issue getting past both players in 2023-24. Last season, Lillard made 244 3-pointers in 58 games and has hit at least 225 3-pointers in six of his last seven healthy seasons. To surpass Allen for the No. 2 mark all-time, Lillard needs 577 more 3s, which means that record is at least another season away from reality for him.

Other milestones: Players & coaches

Rick Carlisle is closing in on 900 career wins as an NBA coach.

Kyle Lowry: The Miami Heat point guard has 6,750 career assists, which ranks 24th all-time. He needs 250 to reach 7,000 in his career and 287 to move past Tony Parker (7,036) for No. 20 on the all-time assists list. Last season, Lowry amassed 281 assists.

Erik Spoelstra: Miami’s coach is entering season No. 16 with the heat, which ties him with Boston Celtics legend Red Auerbach for the third-longest streak coaching with one team. He needs to coach the Heat seven more seasons to tie former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan (23 seasons) for No. 2. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich holds the all-time mark and will be entering his 28th season with San Antonio.

Additionally, Spoelstra has 704 coaching wins, which ranks No. 20 all-time. He needs four wins to pass John MacLeod (707) for No. 19 and needs 57 or more wins this season to pass Nate McMillan for No. 18 on the list.

Rick Carlisle: The Indiana Pacers’ coach is No. 14 on the all-time wins list with 896. He needs four wins for 900 in his career and, if he reaches that mark, would join Popovich (1,366 career wins entering the 2023-24 season), Don Nelson (1,335), Lenny Wilkens (1,332), Sloan (1,221), Pat Riley (1,210), George Karl (1,175), Phil Jackson (1,155), Larry Brown (1,098), Doc Rivers (1,097), Rick Adelman (1,042), Bill Fitch (944), Auerbach (938) and Dick Motta (935) as the only coaches with 900 or more NBA victories.

Team-by-team records

While some individual players are set to reach overall NBA milestones, there are some team-specific ones within the grasp of several players in 2023-24.

Here’s a team-by-team look:

(Editor’s note: Teams without an entry means they do not have a player within a realistic range of moving up in a statistical category for that franchise in 2023-24.)

Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young is already No. 3 in 3-pointers made in franchise history with 884, but he has a solid shot at moving to No. 1 this season. He needs 25 more to supplant Joe Johnson (908) for No. 2 and 167 more to top Mookie Blaylock for No. 1 (1,050) in 3-pointers made. Both are within range for Young as he has averaged 176 3-pointers made per season in his career and hit 154 3-pointers last season.

Young also has a good shot at moving to No. 6 in Hawks franchise scoring as he trails Johnson (10,606 points) by 1,617 points for that mark. Last season, Young scored 1,914 points and is averaging 1,798 points per season in his career. Should he surpass Johnson, Young would also move ahead of No. 9 Eddie Johnson (9,631), No. 8 Josh Smith (10,371) and No. 7 Kevin Willis (10,582).

Lastly, Young needs 582 assists to pass Doc Rivers (3,866) as the franchise’s all-time assists king. Doing so should be fairly easy for him if he’s healthy as he’s led the NBA in total assists the last two seasons (737 assists in 2021-22 and 741 last season). Another season like that would put Atlanta’s all-time assists title firmly in Young’s hands.

Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum has 488 steals in his career with Boston, which ranks No. 15, but he is just 82 steals away from passing Reggie Lewis and Dave Cowens (569) for No. 10. Tatum has averaged 81 steals per season in his career and had 78 steals in 2022-23, so getting to 82 may not be much of a stretch for him. Should he get that mark, he’d also pass No. 14 Cedric Maxwell (549), No. 13 Rick Fox (552) and No. 12 JoJo White (561).

Additonally, he can move into the top 15 in free throws made and supplant Cowens (1,975) with 88 or more free throws this season. Considering Tatum has averaged 465 free throws made over his last two seasons, this seems like a near-lock. If Tatum makes at least 593 free throws this season, he’d pass Frank Ramsey (2,480) for No. 14.

Al Horford can put pressure on Larry Bird on the Celtics’ all-time 3-pointers made list this season. He is 160 3-pointers shy of passing Bird (649 3-pointers) for No. 7 on Boston’s all-time list and 31 from passing Avery Bradley (52) for No. 8. Last season, Horford made a career-best 145 3-pointers and has made more than 85 3-pointers in four of his last six seasons. A season with 90 or so 3s won’t pass Bird, but it will move him closer.

Some food for thought: in 2019-20 (with the Philadelphia 76ers) and 2020-21 (Oklahoma City Thunder), Horford made 99 and 53 3-pointers, respectively. Had he registered those totals with Boston, he’d be at 642 3-pointers with the Celtics — just eight shy of passing Bird.

Brooklyn Nets

Spencer Dinwiddie was dealt to the Nets at midseason in 2022-23 to mark his second stint with the franchise. He had 236 assists with Brooklyn last season and ranks No. 6 in assists (1,697). He needs 382 more dimes to surpass Deron Williams (2,078) for No. 3 in team history. As a starter since the 2017-18 season, Dinwiddie has posted 500-plus assists twice (including last season’s 515 total) and has never had less than 311 assists in a season. Should he reach No. 3, Dinwiddie would also pass No. 5 Vince Carter (1,762) and No. 4 Darwin Cook (1,970). After passing Williams, Dinwiddie would need 667 assists to pass Kenny Anderson (2,363) for No. 2.

Nic Claxton emerged as one of the NBA’s top shot-blockers in 2022-23, swatting a career-best 189 shots. He ranks No. 17 on the Nets’ all-time blocks list (288) and needs 181 blocks to pass Chris Morris for No. 6 all-time. Provided he pulls off a season with 181 or more blocks, Claxton would pass the following players along the way: No. 16 Aaron Williams (297), No. 15 Jason Collins (305), No. 14 Jarrett Allen (319), No. 13 P.J. Brown (328), No. 12 Jan Van Breda Koff (329), No. 11 Darryl Dawkins (385), No. 10 Kenyon Martin (386), No. 9 Shawn Bradley (410), No. 8 Sam Bowie (459) and No. 7 Chris Dudley (466). Reaching No. 5 is a bit further off: Claxton needs 272 blocks to pass Derrick Coleman (559) for that spot.

Charlotte Hornets

• All-Star guard LaMelo Ball was limited to 36 games in 2022-23 but is expected to be fully healthy for 2023-24. He has a decent shot at passing Baron Davis for No. 5 on the team’s all-time assists list provided his season stats are similar to his in 2021-22 (his last healthy season). In that season, he piled up 571 assists and another 571 or so would give 1,758 career assists, pushing him past Davis’ total (1,605). Along the way, Ball would also pass No. 10 D.J. Augustin, No. 9 Dell Curry, No. 8 Brevin Knight, No. 7 Nicolas Batum and No. 6 Larry Johnson.

• Terry Rozier remains a consistent scoring threat for the Hornets and can move to No. 5 on the franchise’s all-time scoring and field goals list should he keep up his scoring ways. He needs 34 points to pass Raymond Felton (5,311) for No. 7, 54 points to pass Muggsy Bogues (5,531) for No. 8 and 374 points to pass Glen Rice (5,651) at No. 5. Over the past four seasons, Rozier has averaged 1,320 points per season, which is more than enough to supplant Rice.

In terms of field goals, Rozier needs to make at least 389 field goals to take the No. 5 spot from Bogues (2,307). Rozier has averaged 480 field goals made per season over the last four seasons and another such campaign would give him 2,399. Should he do that, he’d also pass No. 8 David Wesley (1,920 field goals), No. 7 Rice (1,966) and No. 6 Felton (1,980).

Additionally, he can move into the top 10 in assists and steals this season. He needs 52 more assists to surpass Augustin (1,248 career assists) for that spot and needs 24 more steals to bump ahead of Marvin Williams (338). Rozier has averaged 299 assists over the last four seasons. If he got to 301, he’d pass Brevin Knight (1,497 assists) for the No. 8 spot while also jumping ahead of Dell Curry (1,429), too.

Chicago Bulls

Zach Lavine is entering season No. 7 with the Bulls and his scoring touch has him quickly climbing the Bulls’ all-time scoring ranks. At 8,562 points entering 2023-24, he has an outside chance at ranking No. 5 in scoring and supplanting Hall of Famer Jerry Sloan (10,233 points) for that spot. LaVine needs 1,672 points to pass Sloan, which is within a reasonable range for him. LaVine scored 1,913 points last season (a career high) and has averaged 1,632 points over his last five seasons. A points total just ahead of that would get him Sloan’s perch and also get him past Hall of Famers Artis Gilmore (9,288) and Chet Walker (9,788), too.

LaVine can also pass Kirk Hinrich for the team’s all-time mark in 3-pointers made and attempted. LaVine set career highs in 3-pointers made (204) and attempted (544) last season and needs 115 more 3-pointers and 369 more attempts to pass Hinrich. Over the last five seasons, LaVine has averaged 178 3-pointers on 460 attempts.

Cleveland Cavaliers

• Entering his fifth season with the Cavs, Darius Garland can move to No. 5 in 3-pointers made and attempted on Cleveland’s all-time list. He has 553 3-pointers in his career and needs 26 to pass Daniel Gibson for No. 7 and 33 to pass J.R. Smith for No. 6. Garland needs 76 to pass his former teammate, Cedi Osman (628) for No. 5, which shouldn’t be too tough. Over his four seasons with the Cavs, Garland is averaging 138 3-pointers made per season. In terms of attempts, he is 350 behind Osman (1,777) — a mark that is also within range for Garland. He has averaged 357 3-point attempts per season in his Cavs career and put up 412 and 454 attempts, respectively, over the last two seasons.

Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic has thrived as an all-around playmaker and scorer for the Mavs and, as such, keeps climbing the team’s all-time rankings in scoring, rebounding and more. In terms of scoring, he can move to No. 6 in points and No. 2 in 3-point attempts this season. Doncic has amassed 9,100 points in his career, 954 behind Jason Terry (9,953) for the No. 6 spot. Doncic scored 2,138 points last season (a career high) and has never scored less than 1,526 points in a season. To get past Michael Finley at No. 5, Doncic needs 3,290 points, which puts it a season or so away.

Doncic has 2,713 3-point attempts in his career and can pass Terry (2,939) in that category this season. He has never attempted less than 514 3-pointers in a season. With 227 or more 3-point attempts this season, a reasonable total, Doncic will accomplish the feat.

Should Doncic have an atypical or better rebounding season, he can move past Shawn Bradley for No. 4 on the Mavs’ all-time rebounding list. Doncic has 2,825 rebounds in his career and is averaging 565 rebounds per season. A season on that pace would give him 3,390 rebounds, putting him past Bradley (3,340) for No. 4. Along the way, Doncic would also pass Michael Finley (3,245), Mark Aguirre (3,244), Erick Dampier (3,211) and Rolando Blackman (3,083).

Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jokic is already the team’s all-time leader in assists and rebounds, and ranks in the top five in scoring, games played, 3-pointers made, attempted and free throws made and attempted. This season, he can move up to No. 3 in field goals made and No. 4 in 3-pointers made and attempted. Jokic (4,628 made field goals) trails Carmelo Anthony (4,989) by 362 field goals and should easily make that mark: he made 646 field goals in 2022-23 and has made 500 or more field goals in the last six seasons.

In terms of 3-pointers, Jokic (593) needs 38 more to surpass Michael Adams (630) for the No. 4 spot. Last season, Jokic made 57 3-pointers (which was a down season for him) and has made 80 or more 3-pointers in five of his last six seasons.

• After injuries derailed his 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons, Jamal Murray rebounded into his regular form last season. In 2023-24, Murray can move into the Nuggets’ top 10 in all-time assists. He has 1,722 assists, which ranks No. 12 in team history and trails Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (1,756) by 35 dimes for No. 10. Murray posted 400 assists last season and has averaged 287 assists per season in his career. A season with 285 assists would give Murray 2,007 dimes, pushing him past No. 11 Anthony (1,729), No. 10 Abdul-Rauf, No. 9 Bill Hazlik (1,764) and No. 8 Dan Issel (1,804) and would be about 40 away from passing No. 7 Nick Van Exel (2,047).

Golden State Warriors

• There are few Warriors records available that Stephen Curry doesn’t already hold. To date, he’s the team’s all-time leader in games played, points, assists, steals, 3-pointers made, 3-point attempts and free throw percentage. However, he can move up a few notches this season in several categories. Curry can move into the Warriors’ top 10 in rebounds as well as close in on the all-time free throws and free throws attempted marks. 

Curry has averaged 345 rebounds over his last four seasons and amassed 341 rebounds last season. He has 4,179 career rebounds and ranks No. 11 in Warriors history, but needs 132 more rebounds to pass No. 10 Clifford Ray (4,310). If Curry grabs 345 rebounds this season, he’ll be at 4,524, which would push him past No. 9 Joe Graboski (4,503).

As for the free throws mark, Curry has 3,454 made free throws and 3,801 attempts, ranking third and eighth, respectively, in those categories. He needs 62 more made free throws to pass Hall of Famer Rick Barry (3,515) for No. 2 and 121 more free throw attempts to pass Barry for No. 5. Over the past four seasons, Curry has averaged 289 free throws and 315 attempts. A season with those numbers would give him 3,743 makes on 4,116 attempts.

• Despite being sidelined by injury for two seasons in the prime of his career, Klay Thompson can rise to No. 15 in free throws made in Warriors history. Thompson has made 1,335 free throws in his career and needs 163 more this season to pass Monta Ellis (1,497) in free throws made. That total may be a stretch for Thompson, though: he hasn’t had 163 or more free throws since the 2016-17 season. Then again, last season he had 116 free throws in 69 games, so a run at 163 may not be unimaginable. Should Thompson get to No. 15, he’d also pass No. 19 Phil Smith (1,390), No. 18 Tom Gola (1,404), No. 17 Guy Rodgers (1,424) and No. 16 Tim Hardaway (1,447).

Draymond Green has used defense to craft much of his Golden State legacy and he can move up the ranks in a defensive stat this season. Green needs 67 blocks to move past Joe Barry Carroll for No. 2 in blocked shots. Green had 60 blocks last season but hasn’t had more than 67 blocks in a season since 2018-19. Entering this season, Green is 370 blocks away from passing Adonal Foyle (1,140) for the Warriors’ all-time mark in blocks.

Houston Rockets

Jalen Green is entering his third season in Houston and is already making his way up the leaderboard in one category. Green needs 134 more 3-pointers and 352 more 3-point attempts this season to move into the Rockets’ Top 10 in both categories. Green has made 344 3-pointers on 1,012 attempts in his career, ranking 19th and 16th, respectively, in those statistics. Both are well within reach for him: he was 187-for-554 on 3-pointers last season and has averaged 177 3-pointers made and 506 attempts per season in his brief career.

Along the way, Green would pass the following players to reach No. 10 in makes: Mario Elie (No. 17, 352), Clyde Drexler (No. 16, 363), Luther Head (No. 15, 383), P.J. Tucker (No. 14, 395), Aaron Brooks (No. 13, 462), Steve Francis (No. 12, 470), Tracy McGrady (No. 11, 472) and Patrick Beverley (No. 10, 477). In attempts, he would pass No. 15 Drexler (1,072), No. 14 Tucker (1,082), No. 13 Brooks (1,251), No. 12 Beverley (1,272), No. 11 Kenny Smith (1,280) and No. 10 Francis (1,363).

Indiana Pacers

• In his career with the Pacers, Myles Turner has emerged as one of the NBA’s top shot blockers. In the 2023-24 season, he needs 122 blocks to surpass Jermaine O’Neal (1,245) for the team’s all-time blocks mark. Turner should have no problem getting to that number: he had 140 blocks last season and has had 122 or more blocks in five of his eight NBA seasons.

Additionally, Turner can move into the Top 10 in field goals made this season. He has 2,470 field goals in his career and trails No. 10 Dale Davis by 128 and No. 9 Paul George by 306. Turner notched 402 field goals last season and has had four seasons of 306 or more field goals in his career, putting No. 10 within reach and a chance at No. 9 on the table, too.

LA Clippers

• In his 4 1/2 seasons with the team, Ivica Zubac has carved out a place as a capable rebounder and interior defender. This season, he can move into the team’s Top 10 in both rebounding and blocked shots. Zubac has amassed 2,662 rebounds and 327 blocks in his Clippers career, ranking 14th in both stats. With 255 rebounds or more this season, he’d pass No. 10 Ken Norman (2,916).

Zubac posted a career-best 756 rebounds in 2022-23 and averages about 590 rebounds per season with the Clippers. A season with 590 rebounds would push him past Randy Smith (2,985) for the No. 9 spot and a season with 750 rebounds would have him closing in on Benoit Benjamin (3,538) for the No. 8 spot. Zubac needs 80 blocks to pass Danny Manning for No. 10 in that stat. Zubac averages 75 blocks per season with the Clippers, making a run at No. 10 something he can probably accomplish. Last season, Zubac had a career-best 98 blocks and a season with 98 would get him past Bo Outlaw (421) for No. 9.

Los Angeles Lakers

• LeBron James can move to No. 15 in Lakers’ scoring history this season as he needs just 176 points to pass A.C. Green (7,789) for that spot. James (7,614) is averaging 1,520 points per season with the Lakers and scored 1,590 points in 2022-23. A season of 1,520 points or so would put him at 9,134 points with the team, pushing him ahead of Rudy LaRusso (8,231) and Norm Nixon (7,938), who rank No. 13 and No. 14, respectively.

Additionally, James can rise to No. 3 in 3-pointers made and attempted this season as James has made 645 3-pointers on 1,862 attempts in his four seasons with the Lakers. That puts him 106 makes and 201 attempts away from Lakers legend Nick Van Exel (750/2062). In his Lakers career, James has never made less than 104 3-pointers or attempted less than 285 3-pointers in a season. Last season, he was 121-for-377 on 3-pointers.

Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant will miss the first 25 games of 2023-24, but could move up to No. 3 on the Grizzlies’ all-time assists list. Morant has 1,830 dimes in his Memphis career, trailing Jason Williams (2,069) by 270 for the No. 3 perch. Given the suspension, the odds of Morant replicating last season’s 493 assists seem out. However, half of that number is 246 and the leap from that to 270 doesn’t seem too far, even with fewer games played.

• Big man Jaren Jackson Jr. can move into Memphis’ Top 10 in scoring and field goals made, to No. 3 in blocked shots and Top 5 in 3-pointers made and attempted this season. Jackson has 4,391 points in his career, trailing No. 11 O.J. Mayo (4,584) and No. 10 Bryant Reeves (4,945). He has averaged roughly 1,100 points in his last four healthy seasons and scored 1,173 points last season and needs only 555 points to pass Reeves for No. 10.

Jackson has totaled 558 blocks in his career and needs 53 more blocks to pass Stromile Swift for No. 3 in that stat. In each of his four healthy seasons, Jackson has notched at least 82 blocks and has had 189 and 177 blocks, respectively, in his last two seasons. Lastly, on the 3-pointers list, Jackson needs 60 more 3-pointers and 168 more attempts to pass Jason Williams (500) for No. 5 in 3-pointers and Rudy Gay (1,420) in 3-point attempts. Last season, Jackson was 100-for-282 on 3-pointers and has not made less than 60 3-pointers or shot less than 145 of them in a full season since 2018-19.

• Sharpshooting swingman Desmond Bane can move to No. 3 in 3-pointers made on the Grizzlies’ all-time list this season. At 511 career 3-pointers, Bane is 64 behind former teammate Dillon Brooks (573) for that spot. Bane went 166-for-407 on 3-pointers last season and has yet to make less than 117 of them in a season.

Miami Heat

Re-live the best moments from Jimmy Butler's performances on the court from the 2022-23 NBA season.

• Star swingman Jimmy Butler can move into the Heat’s top 10 in points and steals this season. Butler ranks No. 13 in scoring with 4,958 points and needs 1,237 more points to move ahead of No. 10 Eddie Jones (6,194). Getting ahead of Jones shouldn’t be an issue for Butler: he scored 1,466 points last season and has averaged 1,239 points in his four seasons with Miami.

As for the steals mark, Butler has 422 steals in his career with Miami and is just seven shy of passing teammate Bam Adebayo. We’ll assume both players will reach the Top 10 this season (see below for Adebayo), which makes Bimbo Coles and his 458 steals the player to move ahead of for No. 10. As such, Butler needs 37 steals to pass Coles for No. 9 on the list. This one seems to be another near-certainty for Butler: he had 117 steals last season and has had 94 or more steals in each of his four seasons with the Heat.

• This season, All-Star big man Bam Adebayo can vault to No. 5 on the Heat’s all-time scoring, blocks and rebounds lists. Adebayo has scored 6,146 points in his career and trails No. 5 Chris Bosh (6,914) by 769 points for his spot. Last season, Adebayo scored a career-best 1,529 points and has not had less than 1,146 points in a season since 2018-19. Along the way, Adebayo would pass No. 10 Eddie Jones (6,194 points), No. 9 Tim Hardaway (6,335), No. 8 Goran Dragic (6,348), No. 7 Udonis Haslem (6,586) and No. 6 Rony Seikaly (6,742).

Haslem (5,791) is Miami’s all-time rebounds leader, but Adebayo (3,538) is No. 6 and needs 333 more rebounds to pass Hassan Whiteside (3,870) for No. 5. Last season, Adebayo collected 688 rebounds and his career low for single-season rebounds was 381, when he was a bench player as a rookie in 2017-18. To move into the top five in Heat blocks, Adebayo needs 87 more rejections to move past Joel Anthony (456) for the No. 5 spot. Although he posted 66 blocks last season, Adebayo had 93 blocks in the 2019-20 season, so another such campaign isn’t impossible for him.

Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo's multi-faceted game was on display for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2022-23 season.

• Former Kia MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is the Bucks’ all-time leader in games played, points, assists, blocks, field goal attempts and free throws made and attempted. This season, he can become the Bucks’ all-time leader in field goals made and rebounds. Antetokounmpo has 5,895 field goals in his career and needs just eight more to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (5,902) for No. 1 and needs 271 more rebounds to pass Abdul-Jabbar for No. 1 (7,161).

• Swingman Khris Middleton is already Milwaukee’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made (1,253) and attempted (3,219). This season, he can move into the Top 5 in field goals made and free throws made. Middleton has 4,149 made field goals in his Bucks career and needs 398 more field goals to surpass No. 6 Marques Johnson (4,546) on the team’s all-time list. Injuries limited Middleton to 33 games (and 177 field goals) last season, but in his last healthy season (2021-22), he notched 452 field goals. Over his last four healthy seasons, Middleton has averaged 485 made field goals and a season with that many would have him closing in on No. 4 Glenn Robinson (4,723).

In free throws, Middleton is 1,917-for-2,173 in his Bucks career, which ranks him sixth and tenth, respectively, in free throws made and attempted. He needs 154 free throws to pass Robinson (2,070) for No. 5 in that category. In the 2021-22 season, Middleton was 259-for-291 from the line and similar stats in 2023-24 would put him in line to pursue Abdul-Jabbar for No. 4 in makes (2,407) and Johnson (2,554) for No. 5 in attempts in the coming seasons.

• Center Brook Lopez is entering his 16th NBA season but is getting better and better as a paint-protector as his career wears on. His 653 blocks rank No. 4 on the Bucks’ all-time list and he needs 152 blocks this season to move up to No. 2. Last season, Antetokounmpo passed Alton Lister (804) for the team’s all-time blocks mark and in 2023-24, Lister could be passed again. Lopez led the NBA with 193 blocks in 2022-23 and has exceeded 152 blocks in three of his last four healthy seasons.

New Orleans Pelicans

Herbert Jones’ upcoming third season in New Orleans could be one in which he moves into the Top 5 in steals and Top 10 in blocks. Jones has 233 steals, which ranks tied for eighth (with Al-Farouq Aminu). However, he needs 48 more to pass Baron Davis for No. 5, a reasonable feat considering he amassed 103 steals in 2022-23. Along the way, he’d move ahead of Aminu, No. 7 Tyreke Evans (239) and No. 6 P.J. Brown (265). In terms of blocks, Jones 102 ranks No. 19 in Pelicans history and needs 54 blocks to pass No. 10 Alexis Ajinca. Should he produce a season on pace with his career — 51 blocks per season — he’d be well within range of Ajinca.

• Center Jonas Valanciunas can move into the Pelicans’ Top 5 in rebounding and Top 10 in blocks this season. Chris Paul is currently No. 5 in Pelicans history in rebounds (1,951) while Valanciunas (1,647) ranks No. 9. To pass Paul for No. 5, Valanciunas needs at least 305 rebounds in 2023-24 — which shouldn’t be an issue considering Valanciunas had 804 rebounds in 2022-23. Another season with 800 rebounds would allow Valanciunas to pass Tyson Chandler (2,225) for No. 4 on the rebounds list.

As for the blocks mark, it will be interesting to see where he and Jones rank at season’s end on the team’s all-time list. He needs just 44 more blocks to pass Ajinca for No. 10 and has averaged 51 blocks per season with the Pelicans. That won’t get him anywhere near No. 5 Jrue Holiday (267), but a big season of blocking shots could see Valanciunas potentially pass Jaxson Hayes (167) for No. 9.

New York Knicks

• All-Star big man Julius Randle has been a standout in his four seasons with the Knicks. This season, he can move to No. 15 in both scoring and rebounding in team history. Randle is No. 20 in the Knicks’ scoring annals (6,343 points) and needs to score 1,783 points in 2023-24 to pass both No. 15 Harry Gallatin (7,771) and No. 14 Willie Naulls (8,125) on that list. Randle has averaged 1,585 points per season in New York, but scored 1,936 points last season and had 1,712 points in 2020-21.

In terms of rebounding, he ranks No. 20 in that category as well (2,829 rebounds), but needs 701 rebounds to pass both No. 15 Ray Felix (3,344) and No. 14 David Lee (3,529) on the all-time list. Doing so should not be a problem: Randle has averaged 707 rebounds per season with the Knicks and had 767 last season.

Lastly, Randle could move up to No. 3 on the Knicks’ all-time 3-pointers made list this season, too. He has 562 3-pointers in his Knicks career, needing 37 more to pass No. 5 Charlie Ward (598) and 39 to pass No. 4 Jamal Crawford (600). Those two players seem imminently passable given that Randle made a career-best 218 3-pointers last season. Should Randle hit 201 or more 3-pointers, he would pass No. 3 Carmelo Anthony (762) on the Knicks’ list.

Oklahoma City Thunder

• All-NBA First Team guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had a star turn in 2022-23, amassing career bests in nearly every major stat. In 2023-24, he can move into the Thunder’s Top 15 in both scoring and assists provided his stats are similar to last season’s. Gilgeous-Alexander is No. 19 in scoring (5,667 points) and amassed 2,135 points in 2022-23. He can move to No. 15 in scoring and pass Dick Snyder (6,507) with 841 points. If he scores around 2,100 points in 2023-24, Gilgeous-Alexander could move past Ray Allen (7,273) for No. 13.

In his Thunder career, Gilgeous-Alexander has amassed 1,141 dimes and ranks 17th. He needs 193 assists to pass John Johnson (1,333) for No. 15 in Thunder history. Last season, Gilgeous-Alexander collected 371 assists and another such season would push him past Johnson but leave him short of overtaking Snyder (1,607) for No. 14.

Philadelphia 76ers

Joel Embiid displayed his talents all season for the 76ers as he collected last season's Kia MVP honors.

• Reigning Kia MVP Joel Embiid can move into the Top 10 in rebounding, the Top 5 in blocks and Top 5 in free throws made in 76ers’ lore this season. Embiid has amassed 4,402 rebounds with Philadelphia, which ranks him 12th, and he needs 53 rebounds to surpass No. 10 Caldwell Jones (4,454). Embiid collected 670 rebounds last season 796 the season before that, making getting past Jones a more than attainable feat. Should Embiid get around 790 rebounds this season, he could move past No. 9 Lucious Jackson (4,613) and No. 8 Samuel Dalembert (4,844) as well.

The gap between Embiid in blocked shots and No. 5 Bobby Jones is also pretty slim. Embiid has 654 blocks in his career with Philly and needs 51 more blocks to pass Hall of Famer Bobby Jones for No. 5. Embiid had 112 blocks last season and is averaging 86 blocks per season over his last four seasons. If he can get 104 or more blocks this season, he would pass No. 4 Theo Ratliff (757) on the team’s all-time blocks list.

Lastly, in terms of free throws made, Embiid has a great shot at passing Hall of Famer Julius Erving for No. 5. Embiid has 3,209 made free throws and needs 636 more to pass Erving on the list. Embiid made an NBA-leading 728 free throws last season and had 666 the season before it, making it more than likely he has a good shot to get ahead of Erving.

Phoenix Suns

• All-NBA guard Devin Booker is entering his ninth season with Phoenix and is already the team’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made and attempted. This season, he can move to No. 2 in scoring and No. 3 field goals made in team history. At 12,688 points, Booker is No. 4 in scoring in team annals and needs to score 1,233 points in 2023-24 to surpass No. 2 Alvan Adams (13,910). Booker is also just 60 points from passing No. 2 Kevin Johnson (12,747). Last season, Booker scored 1,471 points, which marked his first season with less than 1,700 points since 2017-18.

In terms of field goals made, Booker has 4,453 in his career and ranks No. 4. He needs 427 or more to pass Shawn Marion for the No. 3 spot. Booker has made at least 525 field goals in five straight seasons and six of his last seven seasons, so getting ahead of Marion seems like a near-given.

Sacramento Kings

• Guard De’Aaron Fox is quietly climbing up the Kings’ all-time scoring, assists and steals list as he approaches his seventh season in Sacramento. In 2023-24, Fox can move into the team’s Top 10 in scoring and steals and its Top 5 in assists. Fox has 7,974 points with the Kings and ranks No. 15.

This season, he needs at least 1,029 points to pass No. 10 Scott Wedman (9,002) for that spot. Save for his rookie season (844 points), Fox has averaged 1,077 points in his last five seasons and had a career-best 1,826 in 2022-23. Another season with around 1,850 points would put him at 9,824 career points and supplant No. 7 Peja Stojakovic (9,498) for that spot. Should he pass Wedman, Fox would also move ahead of No. 14 Adrian Smith (8,085), No. 13 Mike Bibby (8,384), No. 12 Wayne Embry (8,486) and No. 11 Chris Webber (8,843). If he passed Stojakovic, Fox would also move ahead of No. 9 Eddie Johnson (9,027) and No. 8 Jerry Lucas (9,107).

As for steals, Fox has 515 in his career. He needs 28 more to pass Stojakovic (543) for No. 10. Fox notched 83 steals last season and has never had less than 68 in any campaign. Should Fox amass last season’s total (83) in 2023-24, he would be 598, enough to push No. 6 Bibby (584) down a peg.

Assists-wise, Fox has 2,452 with the Kings and ranks No. 6. He needs 129 more assists to pass Bibby (2,580) for No. 5. Fox has had at least 320 assists in every season of his career and notched 447 in 2022-23. Another season with 440 or so dimes, though, would leave him well short of passing No. 3 Nate Archibald (3,499).

Toronto Raptors

• Two-time All-Star forward Pascal Siakam ranks in the Top 5 in several different categories in Raptors lore, including points (No. 5), rebounds (No. 3), field goals made and attempted (No. 5 in both) and free throws made (No. 5). This season, he can enter the Top 5 in games played and assists, while also possibly moving past Vince Carter on the scoring list.

Siakam has played in 471 games with Toronto and needs to appear in at least 39 games to pass Chris Bosh (509) for No. 5 in games played. Siakam has never played in less than 55 games in a season and appeared in 71 games last season, making this a shoo-in provided he’s healthy. In terms of assists, Siakam has 1,656 assists in his career and needs 136 more to pass Alvin Williams (1,791) for No. 5. Last season, Siakam had a career-best 415 assists and, if he notches about 400 assists this season, he would be closing in on DeMar DeRozan (2,078) for No. 4.

Lastly, Siakam needs to score at least 1,411 points this season with Toronto to pass Carter for No. 4 (9,420). Siakam has 8,010 career points and has notched 1,551 and 1,720 points in his last two seasons, respectively.

• All-around swingman O.G. Anunoby led the NBA in total steals last season (128) and ranks No. 9 in Raptors history in steals (459). Anunoby needs at least 94 steals this season to pass Morris Peterson (552 steals) for No. 5 in team history. Considering Anunoby has averaged 90 steals over his last four seasons (and his production last season), the chances of him moving up seem solid. Should he supplant Peterson, along the way Anunoby would also pass No. 6 Carter (534), No. 7 Williams (517) and No. 8 Jose Calderon (469).

• It will be interesting to see what the Raptors’ all-time steals list looks like at season’s end. Aside from Anunoby’s chase for the No. 5 spot, Siakam is just 23 steals behind Anunoby on the leaderboard. Siakam has averaged 61 steals per season over his last five seasons, which makes it seem unlikely he’ll be pushing for the Top 5 in that category this season.

Utah Jazz

• Veteran guard Jordan Clarkson is already in the franchise’s Top 5 in 3-pointers made (646) and attempted (1,909). This season, he needs at least 200 3-pointers and 294 attempts to pass Jazz legend John Stockton in both categories. Stockton ranks No. 3 in 3-pointers made (845) and attempted (2,202) in franchise history, but given Clarkson’s recent output, both could be within reach. Over the past three seasons, Clarkson has averaged 551 3-pointers per season and in 2023-24, 550 or so 3s would have him closing in on Joe Ingles (2,622) for No. 2. Last season, Clarkson made 155 3-pointers in 61 games but he’s just two seasons removed when he nailed 208 3-pointers, putting his chance for No. 3 and Stockton’s mark there within the realm of possibility.

Washington Wizards

• Forward Kyle Kuzma ranks No. 12 in franchise history in 3-pointers made (288) and attempted (856), but a spot in the Top 10 in both categories is well within reach in 2023-24. He needs at least 56 3-pointers and 47 attempts this season to pass Nick Young (343/902) for the No. 10 spot. Last season, Kuzma was 160-for-481 on 3-pointers and has averaged 144 3-pointers made and 428 3-point attempts per season with the Wizards.

If he posts a season of roughly 140-for-425 on 3-pointers, he would be 428-for-1,281 in that stat in his Washington career. Those totals would push him past No. 7 Davis Bertans (415) in makes and past No. 7 Tracy Murray (1,069) in attempts.