2022-23 Kia Season Preview

13 key NBA milestones to watch for in 2022-23

Taking a closer look at the most notable player and team-by-team stats milestones that could occur this season.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry will likely continue to climb the NBA’s all-time leaderboards this season.

The 2022-23 season is set to begin and there are plenty of historic stats milestones to keep track of during the action.

From LeBron James nearing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring mark to Chris Paul climbing to No. 2 in all-time assists, here are 13 major individual milestones you should follow this season — as well as some key team-stats records that could be set.

LeBron James | Los Angeles Lakers

Take a look back at each of the milestone baskets from LeBron James' career.


When season No. 20 begins for LeBron James, the four-time MVP and 75th Anniversary Team member is coming off a season in which he passed Karl Malone for No. 2 on the all-time scoring list. As a new season begins, James is 1,326 points away from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for No. 1 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Based on his career scoring average of 27.1 points, James would need 49 games to break the record and he has scored at least 1,326 points in 18 of his 19 seasons.

The prospect of James becoming No. 1 is no small feat as Abdul-Jabbar has reigned supreme since April 5, 1984, when he nailed a hook shot against the Utah Jazz to surpass Wilt Chamberlain’s all-time scoring mark. In terms of all-time scorers in NBA history, here’s a look at Abdul-Jabbar, James and the rest of the top 10.

All-time scoring leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Points
1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2. LeBron James 37,062 (1,326 away from No. 1)
3. Karl Malone 36,928
4. Kobe Bryant 33,643
5. Michael Jordan 32,292
6. Dirk Nowitzki 31,560
7. Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
8. Shaquille O’Neal 28,596
9. Carmelo Anthony 28,289
10. Moses Malone 27,409

James passing this mark in 2022-23 seems to be an almost certainty given his past performance. He has scored 1,500 or more points in all but one season in his career (2020-21, which was limited by injuries). Over the past four seasons, James has averaged 1,506 points per season and scored 1,695 points in 2021-22.

(Editor’s note: James’ fellow 2003 draftee, Carmelo Anthony, is unsigned for the 2022-23 season, but he’s just 308 points away from passing Shaquille O’Neal for No. 8 on the scoring list. Anthony passed Moses Malone for No. 9 last season.)


One thing James has always done well is pass and he’s averaged 7.0 assists or more in 12 of his 19 seasons. If he gathers assists at his pace over the last two seasons (around 350 assists per season), he’d move up to No. 4 on the all-time assists list. He sits at No. 7 and trails Lakers legend Magic Johnson by 97 assists for No. 6, but needs 291 assists to pass Steve Nash for No. 4. If he were to overtake Nash, he’d also pass Mark Jackson (No. 5 with 10,334 career assists) along the way. Worth noting: James has recorded at least 349 assists in each of his 19 seasons.

All-time assist leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Assists
4. Steve Nash 10,335 (291 away)
5. Mark Jackson 10,334
6. Magic Johnson 10,141
7. LeBron James 10,045 (97 away from No. 6)

Games played

Save for the 2017-18 season — in which he played in all 82 games for the only time in his career — James has averaged 60 games played over the past six seasons. If he plays 60 games (or more) in 2022-23, he’d surpass Hall of Famers Tim Duncan, Jason Kidd and Reggie Miller on the all-time games played list. As it stands entering 2022-23, James is 15 games away from passing Clifford Robinson for No. 13 and 27 games away from passing Duncan for No. 10.

All-time games played leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Games played
8. Kevin Willis 1,424 (59 away)
9. Jason Terry 1,410 (45 away)
10. Tim Duncan 1,392 (27 away)
11. Jason Kidd 1,391 (26 away)
12. Reggie Miller 1,389 (24 away)
13. Clifford Robinson 1,380
14. LeBron James 1,366 (15 away from No. 13)

Seasons played

James enters 2022-23 having played at least one regular-season game in 19 seasons and, overall in NBA history, eight players have played in 20 NBA seasons. Once he plays in a game this season, he’ll join a list that includes Vince Carter (22 seasons played), Kevin Garnett (21), Dirk Nowitzki (21), Robert Parish (21), Kevin Willis (21), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (20), Kobe Bryant (20) and Jamal Crawford (20).


In his 19 seasons, James has never averaged less than 1.1 steals and has averaged 1.6 over his entire career. He has 2,136 career steals, which is 10th all-time, and could easily be No. 8 in that category at season’s end. Hakeem Olajuwon ranks ninth in career steals (2,162 total; 27 ahead of James) and Clyde Drexler is No. 8 (2,207; 72). James has recorded at least 72 steals in 18 of his 19 seasons and had 73 steals in 2021-22.

All-time steals leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Steals
8. Clyde Drexler 2,207 (72 away)
9. Hakeem Olajuwon 2,162
10. LeBron James 2,136 (27 away from No. 9)

3-pointers made

Throughout his career, James’ game has stood the test of time and his improvement as a 3-pointer has no doubt helped lengthen his career. He has made 2,140 career 3-pointers in his career, which ranks 11th all-time, and he is set to break into the top 10 in that category in 2022-23. He is only three 3-pointers behind Paul Pierce and Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, who are both tied for 10th place (2,143).

James made a career-best 161 3-pointers last season and over the last six seasons, has averaged 132 3-pointers per season. A season with 130 or so 3-pointers would put him close to No. 7 all-time (Jason Terry) and another season with 161 3-pointers would move him to No. 6 all-time.


James ranks fifth in career triple-doubles (105). He needs three triple-doubles to pass Jason Kidd (107) for fourth place.

All-time triple-double leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Triple-doubles
1. Russell Westbrook * 194 (90 away)
2. Oscar Robertson 181 (77 away)
3. Magic Johnson 138 (34 away)
4. Jason Kidd 107
5. LeBron James * 105 (3 away from No. 4)
*=Active player

Chris Paul | Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul is on the cusp of moving even higher on the all-time assists and steals list.


Early in the 2021-22 season, Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul became the first player in NBA history with 20,000 career points and 10,000 career assists. Less than a month later, he passed former two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash for No. 3 on the NBA’s all-time assists list. When 2021-22 was a wrap, he stood at 10,977 assists, putting him on the cusp of more history in 2022-23.

All-time assist leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Assists
1. John Stockton 15,806 (4,830 away)
2. Jason Kidd 12,091
3. Chris Paul 10,977 (23 away from 11,000 | 1,115 away from No. 2)


Paul continues to be an ageless wonder, as his game and his stats prove. This season, he needs 62 steals to pass Michael Jordan for No. 3 on the all-time steals list, which shouldn’t be a hard feat for Paul (provided he stays healthy and his game remains on track).

All-time steals leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Assists
1. John Stockton 3,265 (813 away)
2. Jason Kidd 2,684 (232 away)
3. Michael Jordan 2,514
4. Chris Paul 2,453 (62 away from No. 3)

Paul has recorded 110 or more steals in 14 of his 17 seasons and has logged 120 or more steals in a season 10 times (he had 121 last season). Another season of 100 steals or so will have Paul closing in on Kidd for the No. 2 spot.

Kevin Durant | Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant can potentially move into the top 10 in all-time scoring this season.


Brooklyn Nets star forward Kevin Durant has always been one of the NBA’s most reliable scorers. As he enters season No. 16, he is practically assured of a spot as a top 20 all-time scorer (and has a decent shot at reaching the top 10, too).

Durant ranks 21st in career points (25,526) and needs 88 points to claim the No. 20 spot from Hall of Famer Alex English (25,613). He is less than 1,000 points away from the No. 15 spot, as he trails that placeholder (Hall of Famer Tim Duncan) by 971 points. To get to No. 10, he’d need 1,884 points to pass Moses Malone (27,409). Worth noting: Durant scored 1,643 points last season, has averaged 1,664 total points over the past six seasons and has scored at least 1,884 points in six different seasons, most recently in 2018-19.

All-time scoring leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Points
10. Moses Malone 27,409 (1,884 away)
11. Elvin Hayes 27,313 (1,788 away)
12. Hakeem Olajuwon 26,946 (1,420 away)
13. Oscar Robertson 26,710 (1,185 away)
14. Dominique Wilkins 26,668 (1,143 away)
15. Tim Duncan 26,496 (971 away)
16. Paul Pierce 26,397 (872 away)
17. John Havlicek 26,395 (870 away)
18. Kevin Garnett 26,071 (546 away)
19. Vince Carter 25,728 (203 away)
20. Alex English 25,613
21. Kevin Durant 25,526 (88 away from No. 20 | 971 away from No. 15 | 1,884 away from No. 10)

Field goals

While a move into the top 20 in points scored seems like a certainty for Durant this season, doing so in field goals made might take a little more work. As it stands entering the season, he is 301 field goals away from passing NBA icon and Hall of Famer Jerry West for the No. 22 spot.

To reach No. 20, he’d once again have to unseat Moses Malone, who leads him by 719 made field goals. Durant has hit 720 or more field goals in a season four times in his career, most recently in 2018-19 (721 FGs). Over the last six seasons, he is averaging 583 made field goals per season and hit 578 field goals in 2021-22.

Russell Westbrook | Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook is closing in on 200 career triple-doubles.


There’s no one for Russell Westbrook to catch in triple-doubles since he has been the all-time leader in that statistic since getting career triple-double No. 182 on May 10, 2021. However, there’s still more triple-double history to be had for Westbrook. He needs six more triple-doubles to become the first player in NBA history with 200 career triple-doubles.

Should he reach 200 triple-doubles, that would give him more in his career than NBA legends Wilt Chamberlain (78 triple-doubles), Larry Bird (59), John Havlicek (31) and Michael Jordan (28) have combined (196).


Westbrook is 30th in career scoring (23,298) but has a shot at rising into the top 25 in that category. He needs 37 points to pass Robert Parish (23,334) for 29th place and needs 1,208 points to climb to No. 25. Westbrook scored 1,441 points last season and has averaged 1,783 points scored per season over the last six seasons. Should he climb to No. 25 this season, he would also pass Hall of Famers Charles Barkley (23,757) and Allen Iverson (24,368) and could be in a chase with former teammate James Harden (23,477) to see who reaches that No. 25 spot first.


Westbrook has 8,611 career assists, which ranks 11th, but needs 356 assists to pass Gary Payton (8,966) for No. 10 and 451 assists to pass Isiah Thomas (9,061) for the No. 9 spot.

All-time assist leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Assists
9. Isiah Thomas 9,061 (451 away)
10. Gary Payton 8,966
11. Russell Westbrook 8,611 (356 away from No. 10)

Westbrook registered 550 assists last season, has had 760 or more assists in four of his last six seasons and has had at least 451 assists in seven of his last eight seasons.

James Harden | Philadelphia 76ers

2022 NBA Playoffs – Philadelphia 76ers v Toronto Raptors

A spot in the top 20 on the all-time scoring list seems to be almost certain for James Harden.


James Harden has made his bones in the NBA as a go-to scorer and, not surprisingly, is on the cusp of moving up the all-time scoring list in 2022-23. Harden ranks 28th in career points (23,477), putting him a smidge ahead of his former teammate, Russell Westbrook, on the all-time scoring list and a smidge behind another former teammate (Kevin Durant, who is No. 21 in scoring).

Harden is 281 points from passing Charles Barkley for No. 27 in scoring and 1,029 points away from passing Ray Allen for No. 25. Additionally, he is 1,523 points from 25,000 in his career. He put up 1,432 points last season and has averaged 1,212 points over his last four seasons. Reaching No. 25 seems reasonable given those numbers, but if Harden were to somehow have a season of around 2,200 points, he’d be able to vault into the top 20.

Free throws

Since 2012-13, Harden has ranked in the top 10 in free throws made each season, including a six-season run (2014-20) when he lead the league in that category. Last season, he ranked fifth in the NBA (470 FTs made) and could be on the cusp of the top five in all-time free throws made by the end of 2022-23.

Harden needs 117 free throws to pass Jerry West for eighth place and, if he has a season similar to his 2021-22 campaign, could move even higher.

All-time free throws made leaders, NBA history
Rank Player Free Throws Made
5. Oscar Robertson 7,694 (651 away)
6. Michael Jordan 7,327 (284 away)
7. Dirk Nowitzki 7,240 (197 away)
8. Jerry West 7,160
9. James Harden 7,044 (117 away from No. 8)

A season on par with his peak years — posting around 650 to 700 free throws made — would give him a shot at catching Oscar Robertson for No. 5.

More milestones: Players & coaches

Carmelo Anthony remains 1 of the NBA’s most consistent scorers ever.

Carmelo Anthony: Although he is currently unsigned, the former All-Star forward ranks ninth in career points (28,289) and needs 308 points to pass Shaquille O’Neal (28,596) for eighth place. Should he play in 2022-23, Anthony will have played at least one regular-season game in 19 seasons. Eight players have played 20 NBA seasons: Vince Carter (22), Kevin Garnett (21), Dirk Nowitzki (21), Robert Parish (21), Kevin Willis (21), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (20), Kobe Bryant (20) and Jamal Crawford (20). (LeBron James and Udonis Haslem are also entering their 20th seasons.)

Dwight Howard: The currently unsigned former All-Star center ranks 10th in career rebounds with 14,627. He needs 36 rebounds to pass Kevin Garnett (14,662) for ninth place and 89 rebounds to pass Robert Parish (14,715) for eighth place. He trails No. 7 Karl Malone (14,968) by 341 rebounds and No. 6 Tim Duncan (15,091) by 464 rebounds, with 373 rebounds needed to reach 15,000. Howard had 356 rebounds last season.

Udonis Haslem: When Haslem gets into a game this season, he’ll join a short list of players who have appeared in at least one regular season game in 20 seasons. The names on that list? Vince Carter (22), Kevin Garnett (21), Dirk Nowitzki (21), Robert Parish (21), Kevin Willis (21), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (20), Kobe Bryant (20) and Jamal Crawford (20). LeBron James will also appear in a game in his 20th season in 2022-23, too. If Haslem plays in 28 or more games this season, he’ll surpass 900 games in his career.

Kyle Lowry: The Miami Heat point guard is No. 15 on the 3-pointers made list with 1,971, leaving him 29 shy of 2,000 in his career. Should he reach 2,000, he will pass No. 14 Joe Johnson (1,978), No. 13 Dirk Nowitzki (1,982) and No. 12 Jason Kidd (1,988).

Sixers coach Doc Rivers: Entering his fourth season with Philadelphia, Rivers ranks ninth in career coaching wins (1,043). He needs 56 wins to pass Larry Brown (1,098) for eighth place and 57 wins to reach 1,100. Rivers led Philadelphia to 51 wins last season and has won 55 or more games five times in his 23 seasons as a coach. Additionally, he ranks 11th in career games coached (1,778) and is 14 games from passing Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle for 10th place.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra: A mainstay in Miami for 15 seasons, Spoelstra has 660 career coaching wins, which ranks 23rd all-time. He needs 36 wins to crack the top 20, 40 wins to reach 700 and 48 wins to pass John MacLeod for No. 19. Spoelstra has won at least 40 games in 12 of his previous 14 seasons. His run in Miami is the fourth-longest in NBA history, trailing coach Gregg Popovich (beginning his 27th season with the San Antonio Spurs) and Hall of Famers Jerry Sloan (23 seasons with the Utah Jazz) and Red Auerbach (16 seasons with the Boston Celtics).

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich: The NBA’s all-time winningest coach, Popovich still has some ground to gain in other coaching categories. He ranks fourth in career games coached (2,045), putting him six games shy of passing Hall of Famer Bill Fitch (2,050) for third place.

Pacers coach Rick Carlisle: Entering his second season on his second stint with Indiana, Carlisle ranks 15th in career coaching wins (861) and needs four wins to pass Hall of Famer Jack Ramsay (864) for 14th place.

Moving up the team record ranks

While individual players are set to reach some overall NBA milestones, there are some team-specific ones within the grasp of several players in 2022-23.

(Editor’s note: Teams not listed means they do not have a player within a realistic range of moving up in a statistical category for that franchise in 2022-23.)

Here’s a team-by-team look:

Atlanta Hawks

Hawks star Trae Young is closing in on more 3-point history with the franchise.

• Trae Young is well within range of No. 2 in 3-pointers made and attempted and could supplant Kyle Korver and Joe Johnson in those categories. Passing Korver (819 3-pointers made) and Johnson (908) could happen a few months apart, though. Young (730) is 89 away from Korver and 179 away from Johnson in 3-pointers made, but Young has averaged 182 3-pointers per season in his career (and made 233 3-pointers in 2021-22). In terms of attempts, he’s 446 from passing Johnson (2,502) for No. 2 and Young (2,057) has attempted 480 3-pointers or more in three of his four seasons.

Boston Celtics

• Jayson Tatum can pass Antoine Walker for No. 2 in 3-pointers made and attempted with relative ease this season. Tatum is 111 3-pointers made and 339 attempts away from Walker and he has hit at least 185 3-pointers and attempted at least 465 3-pointers over his last three seasons.

• Marcus Smart is three 3-pointers from passing Ray Allen (798) in 3-pointers made, while Jaylen Brown is 21 3-pointers attempted from passing Allen (1,949) in that category.

Brooklyn Nets

• Joe Harris is the Nets’ career leader in 3-pointers made (842) and 3-point percentage (44.2%) and is closing in on Jason Kidd for the all-time 3-point attempts mark. While injuries slowed him in 2021-22, Harris is healthy and is 475 3-point attempts away from Kidd’s mark (2,377). He had 444 and 405 3-point attempts, respectively, in his last two healthy seasons, so a shot at 475 may be possible if he plays close to a full season.

Charlotte Hornets

Terry Rozier can move into third place in 3-pointers made and attempted provided he has a season in line with his last few ones. Rozier trails Marvin Williams (681 3-pointers made; 1,801 3-point attempts) for that slot, but Rozier (616; 1,587) needs 66 makes and 215 attempts to pass him. Over the past three seasons, Rozier has averaged 205 makes and 529 attempts.

Chicago Bulls

• Zach LaVine can rise to No. 2 in 3-pointers made and attempted this season. Additionally, LaVine could move ahead of Derrick Rose for No. 10 on the all-time scoring list, too. He has scored 6,649 points in his Chicago career and trails Rose (8,001) by 1,353 points. In terms of 3-pointers, he has made 731 on 1,880 attempts, trailing Ben Gordon (770) by 42 in makes and is 152 behind Scottie Pippen (2,031) in attempts. LaVine has made 180 or more 3-pointers (on at least 475 attempts) in each of his last three seasons. In terms of points, he’s averaged around 1,170 points over the same time frame, but has also not played more than 67 games in that span, too.

Cleveland Cavaliers

• Kevin Love has a shot at moving into the top five in rebounds this season, provided he has a season like two of his last three. Love has 4,213 career rebounds with the Cavs, putting him 242 behind Anderson Varejao (4,454) for No. 6 and 257 behind Hot Rod Williams (4,669) for No. 5. In two of his last three seasons, Love has grabbed at least 449 rebounds and, over the past four seasons, has averaged 329 rebounds per season.

Dallas Mavericks

It hasn’t taken Luka Doncic long to etch his name in the Mavs’ all-time record book.

• Luka Doncic can move into the franchise’s top 10 in assists, rebounds, field goals made and attempted this season. He’s also on pace to move into the top three in 3-pointers made and attempted, too. Assists will be the easiest category for Doncic to reach the top 10 as his 2,102 career dimes is just 62 away from passing Mark Aguirre (2,163) for No. 10. If Doncic has around 530 or so assists in 2022-23, he’d pass Jason Terry (2,524) for No. 6 on the list. Rebounds-wise, Doncic is No. 15 (2,256 rebounds) and is a tidy 500 rebounds behind his coach, Jason Kidd, for No. 10 (2,755). In his career, Doncic has gathered no less than 527 rebounds in a season.

Josh Howard (2,506 field goals) and Sam Perkins (5,321 field goal attempts) are in the top 10 in their field goal categories, but Doncic should easily pass them as well. His 2,375 field goals is 132 behind Howard and his 5,195 attempts is 127 behind Perkins. In his career, Doncic has never made less than 506 field goals or attempted less than 1,186 in a season. A 550 FG/1300 FGA season from Doncic would move him ahead of Brad Davis in both categories for No. 7 overall. Finally, in the 3-point shooting category, Doncic (732 career 3-pointers) has averaged 183 3-pointers made and 543 attempts per season in his career. Should he hit 180 or so on 540 attempts, he’d pass Kidd (778) and Michael Finley (870) in makes and Finley (2,316) in attempts.

Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jokic will soon be Denver’s all-time leader in rebounds and assists.

• Nikola Jokic can become the franchise leader in assists and rebounds and move into the top five in 3-pointers made and attempted. Perhaps the best-passing center in the NBA today, Jokic’s 3,281 assists rank No. 3 in Denver history, trailing only Lafayette “Fat” Lever (3,566) and Alex English (3,679). That puts him 286 behind Lever and 399 behind English in dimes, an easy get considering Jokic has 500 or more assists in each of his last four seasons. In rebounding, Hall of Famer Dan Issel (5,707) is No. 1 in Denver with Jokic (5,456) just 252 boards behind Issel — and Jokic has averaged 979 rebounds per season over his last five seasons. Additionally, Jokic (536 3-pointers made on 1,553 attempts) needs 30 more 3-pointers and 24 more attempts to pass Gary Harris for No. 5 in both categories (565/1576).

Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry can grab the No. 1 spot in another statistic for Golden State in 2022-23.

• Stephen Curry is already the Warriors’ all-time leader in scoring, 3-pointers made and attempted, steals and assists as well as the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made. This season, he can become the Warriors’ all-time leader in field goals and supplant Wilt Chamberlain. Curry has made 6,875 field goals in his Golden State career, which puts him 342 behind Chamberlain’s total (7,216). This should be a gimme for Curry: he’s made 500 or more field goals in 10 of his 13 seasons and the only times he made less than 150 (2019-20 and ’11-12) he was injured. Additionally, Curry can also move into the top 5 in free throws made and attempted. Curry has 3,197 free throws made on 3,520 attempts and needs 149 makes and 362 more attempts to supplant Hall of Famer Chris Mullin (3,345/3,881).

Indiana Pacers

• Myles Turner can move into the top three in blocked shots in franchise history this season. Turner already ranks No. 5 with 984 blocks and trails Herb Williams (1,094 blocks) by 111 blocks. Since becoming a full-time starter in 2016-17, Turner amassed at least 118 blocks in every season and had 199 in 74 games in 2018-19. If Turner can amass 128 blocks with Indiana this season, he’d pass Rik Smits (1,111) for No. 2.

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James has plenty of milestones at the NBA level to pursue this season (see above). He’s also got some Lakers-related ones to chase, too, in 2022-23. He can rise to No. 4 in 3-pointers made and attempted this season in team history as James has made 524 3-pointers on 1,485 attempts in his four seasons with the Lakers. That puts him 72 makes and 111 attempts away from Lakers legend Byron Scott (595/1595). In his Lakers career, James has never made less than 104 3-pointers or attempted less than 285 3-pointers in a season.

Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant is quickly rising the all-time franchise ranks in Memphis.

Ja Morant could move into the franchise’s top 10 in points, 3-pointers made and attempted and into the top five in assists this season. Morant has tallied 3,961 points with the Grizzlies, which ranks him 12th, but he has also averaged roughly 1,200 points per season in his career. He needs only 315 points to surpass Shane Battier for No. 10 (4,275 points) and with a 1,200-point season, he’d likely pass No. 9 O.J. Mayo (4,584) and No. 5 Bryant Reeves (4,945). While not necessarily known as a 3-point shooter, Morant has 221 3-pointers (on 676 attempts) in his career, both of which rank 13th. He’s 81 made 3-pointers and 200 attempted 3-pointers behind Marc Gasol (301/875) for No. 10.

As far as assists go, Morant ranks seventh in Grizzlies history with 1,337, trailing No. 6 (Mike Miller) by 15 assists. Morant has averaged 445 total assists per season in his career and a season with that number would push him past Pau Gasol (1,473) and Mike Bibby (1,675) for No. 4 all-time.

Miami Heat

• Duncan Robinson could become the team’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made and attempted if he has a season on pace with his last few ones. Robinson has made 762 3-pointers and attempted 1,878 3-pointers with the Heat, both of which rank second to Hall of Famer Tim Hardaway (806/2263). Robinson has made at least 230 3-pointers and attempted at least 600 of them over the last three seasons. If he hits those numbers again, he’ll easily pass Hardaway for the No. 1 spot.

Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo has 4 all-time Bucks records within reach in 2022-23.

• Giannis Antetokounmpo became the Bucks’ all-time leader in points, blocks and free throw attempts last season and is positioned to add to his place in franchise history in 2022-23. This season, he can become the team’s all-time leader in games played, assists, field goals made and attempted and free throws made.

Games played may be the easiest one for Antetokounmpo — who has 656 career games in Milwaukee — to reach: he’s 40 games behind Sidney Moncrief (695) for No. 2 and 56 behind Junior Bridgeman (711) for No. 1. Antetokounmpo has never played in less than 61 games in any season in his career. Assists-wise, Antetokounmpo trails Paul Pressey (3,272 assists) by 253 dimes for the No. 1 spot. Entering the 2022-23 season, Antetokounmpo has posted 345 assists or more in seven straight seasons.

He has made 5,188 field goals on 9,702 attempts in his Milwaukee career, which ranks him second and fourth, respectively. No. 1 in both categories is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (5,902/10,787) as he leads Antetokounmpo by 715 in makes and 1,086 in attempts. He has a good shot at both marks considering he has averaged 692 field goals made and 1,246 field goal attempts. Lastly, Antetokounmpo (3,498 free throws made) trails Moncrief (3,505) by a mere eight free throw attempts. In 2021-22, Antetokounmpo averaged 8.3 made free throws per game.

New Orleans Pelicans

• Brandon Ingram can move into the top five in assists and 3-pointers made and attempted this season in Pelicans history. Ingram has amassed 862 assists in his three seasons with New Orleans, which ranks eighth, and has averaged 287 assists per season during that span. A season of around 285 assists would push him past Baron Davis (7th with 950 assists), Anthony Davis (No. 6; 982), David West (No. 5; 1,042), Greivis Vasquez (No. 4; 1,063) and Tyreke Evans (1,139) for the No. 3 spot. Ingram has made 367 3-pointers on 985 attempts, which rank seventh and eighth, respectively. He has averaged 122 3-pointers made and 328 attempts over the past three seasons. If Ingram posts 120 3-pointers in 2022-23, he’d pass Chris Paul (No. 6; 379), Rasual Butler (No. 5; 410) and Eric Gordon (421) for the No. 4 spot. If he posts 325 3-point attempts, Ingram would pass Baron Davis (No. 7; 1,002), Paul (No. 6; 1,055), Gordon (No. 5; 1,080) and Butler (1,097) for No. 4 in that category.

New York Knicks

Mitchell Robinson can rise to No. 2 in blocked shots in franchise history this season. Robinson has played only four seasons with New York, but already ranks in the top five in blocks with 458. He has averaged 115 blocks per season during that span — with highs of 133 (2021-22) and 161 (2018-19) mixed in. He needs 86 blocks to pass Bill Cartwright (543) for No. 2 and along the way would also supplant Marvin Webster (541) and Kurt Thomas (479), too.

Orlando Magic

Mo Bamba can move into the all-time top 5 in blocked shots for Orlando this season. Bamba had a career-best 118 blocks in 2021-22 and has amassed 326 blocks in his four seasons with the Magic. He needs 13 blocks to pass Nick Anderson (338) for No. 6 and 90 blocks to leapfrog Horace Grant (415) for No. 5.

Philadelphia 76ers

• Joel Embiid can enter the team’s top 10 in points and offensive rebounds this season. Embiid ranks 11th on the team’s all-time scoring list with 8,535 points, trailing Hall of Famer Chet Walker (9,043) by 509 points. Over the last four seasons, Embiid has averaged 1,615 total points. A season with that total would give him about 10,150 points, which would surpass Andre Iguodala (9,422) for No. 9. Embiid has averaged 140 offensive rebounds per season in the last four seasons and his 764 career offensive boards ranks 11th in team history. He needs 103 to surpass Hall of Famer George McGinnis (866) for No. 10.

Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker is likely set to become Phoenix’s all-time leader in points and 3-pointers made.

• Devin Booker can move into the team’s top three in points and become its all-time 3-pointers made leader in 2022-23. He can also enter the top five in free throws made and attempted, too. Booker has piled up 11,217 points in his seven seasons in Phoenix, averaging 1774 points per season over the last four seasons. The No. 6 scorer in franchise lore, Booker needs 1,531 points to pass Kevin Johnson (12,747) for No. 3, 918 to pass Shawn Marion (12,134) for No. 4 and 844 to pass Dick Van Arsdale (12,060) for No. 5.

While Booker is the franchise’s all-time leader in 3-pointers attempted (2,739), he’s No. 2 in 3-pointers made (978). He trails only Hall of Famer Steve Nash (1,051) and needs 74 3-pointers in 2022-23 to accomplish the feat. (Over the last four seasons, Booker has averaged 146 3-pointers made per season.) Booker has 2,387 free throws made on 2,744 attempts in his career, both of which rank sixth. He needs 104 more makes to surpass Alvan Adams for No. 5 (2,490) and 296 more attempts to overtake Walter Davis (3,039) for No. 5.

Portland Trail Blazers

Portland’s all-time scoring mark is well within reach for Damian Lillard in 2022-23.

• Damian Lillard can become the franchise’s all-time leader in points, field goal attempts and free throw attempts this season. He could also become No. 2 in assists as well. In three of the four categories, Lillard will be looking to unseat franchise icon and Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler, who ranks No. 1 in scoring (18,040), field goal attempts (14,425) and free throw attempts (4,816). Lillard trails Drexler by 531 points, 1,329 field goal attempts and 429 free throw attempts. Additionally, Lillard has 4,726 career assists — ranking behind Drexler (No. 2; 4,933) and Terry Porter (5,319) — and needs 206 more to pass Drexler and 594 more to pass Porter.

Provided Lillard is healthy (injuries sacked most of his 2021-22 campaign), reaching the No. 1 spot in each of these categories should be doable. Over his last four healthy seasons (2017-21), Lillard has averaged 1,407 points, 1,407 field goal attempts, 513 free throw attempts and 516 assists.

Toronto Raptors

• Pascal Siakam can move into the franchise’s top five in points, rebounds, free throws made and attempted and field goals made and attempted in 2022-23. Siakam (6,290 points) needs 292 points to pass Andrea Bargnani for the No. 5 spot (6,581) and will also pass Morris Peterson (6,498) for No. 6, too. He has scored at least 1,196 points in each of the last four seasons and registered 1,551 points in 2021-22. On the rebounds list, Siakam (2,522 rebounds) will likely be No. 3 on the all-time list at season’s end as he needs 433 more rebounds to pass Raptors legend Kyle Lowry (2,954) for that spot.

Siakam needs 12 field goals made (2,408) to pass Bargnani for No. 5 (2,419) in that category and needs 643 more field goal attempts (4,920) to pass Peterson (5,562) for No. 5 in that statistic. Over the last four seasons, Siakam has made at least 500 field goals and attempted at least 945 shots in that span, too. Lastly, Siakam (1,086 free throws) needs 79 more makes to pass Bargnani (1,164) for No. 5 and 98 more attempts (1,404) to surpass Antonio Davis (1,501) for No. 5 in that category.

Fred VanVleet needs to appear in 56 games (348 games) to surpass Vince Carter for No. 10 on that list. Additionally, he needs 375 more assists (1,704 assists) to move past DeMar DeRozan (2,078) for No. 3 on that list. (VanVleet had 434 assists in 65 games last season.) Lastly, VanVleet needs nine more 3-pointers (793) and 81 more 3-point attempts (2,078) to move past Peterson for No. 2 in both categories in Raptors lore.

Washington Wizards

• Bradley Beal can surpass Elvin Hayes as the all-time leading scorer in franchise history. Beal is No. 2 in Wizards lore with 14,231 points and needs 1,321 points to overtake Hayes. While injury shortened Beal’s 2021-22 campaign, when healthy, he has scored at least 1,741 points or more in five of his last six seasons. Beal is also poised to rise to No. 3 on the franchise’s all-time assists list this season. His 2,701 assists are only 12 behind former Wizards star Rod Strickland (2,712). Additionally, Beal has 727 steals in his career and needs 10 more to pass Hayes for No. 3 on that list. He’s just 36 steals away from passing Greg Ballard (762) for the No. 2 spot.