So Much Interesting Stuff Happening In Jeff Teague's "Ice" Bucket Challenge

Warm water and a Bill Clinton reference.

That's apparently what happens when Jeff Teague accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Let me rephrase.  It's not really fair to call what he did an "Ice" Bucket Challenge.  Perhaps "Room Temperature Water Bucket Challenge" is more appropriate.  After all, there appears to be no visible ice in the bucket, and Teague doesn't even flinch when the water is dumped on him.  Human beings have nerves and senses and stuff that cause a reaction when a bucket of extremely cold water is poured all over one's body.  Maybe he's a robot, and that theory isn't completely out of the question after his outstanding play in the playoffs last season.  But the more scientific explanation is that the bucket of water was room temperature-ish.

There's another element of this I must address.  Did Teague really use his first challenge on Bill Clinton?  As in, former President of the United States Bill Clinton?  Was he even alive when Clinton was in office?  Okay, I'm exaggerating.  I just didn't realize Teague and Clinton were besties.

I suppose we must remember the important part of all of this: Teague did indeed complete the challenge, which increases awareness of ALS research.  

Watch the extremely entertaining video from his Instagram account: