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Want to get your youth team on the court high-fiving NBA players, your dance team performing on-court prior to a Hawks game, or your employees rewarded with a team building outing? Contact us to get your group involved today!

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Pregame Recognition
Pregame Recognition

Want to bring awareness to your non-profit and recognize members from your group? The Hawks Pregame Recognition is perfect for you. Up to five people from your group will have the opportunity to be recognized center court prior to the game! If you are fundraising for your group through the $5 kickback, you'll also have the option to be presented with a check during recognition.

Anthem Buddies
Anthem Buddies

How would you like to be side-by-side with the stars of the NBA before the game? With the Anthem Buddies experience, up to 12 people from your group get to join the team during the singing of our National Anthem!

Junior Spirit Squad
Junior Spirit Squad

Bring your group of 16 (or less) backstage for an exclusive meet-and-greet with members of the Hawks' Cheerleading team. They'll even get to learn the squads' cheer routine for our pregame player introductions!

Dream Team
Dream Team

Up to 20 of your group members can stand on the floor to help rebound during pregame shootarounds. When the lights go down for the starting lineups, your group gets to high-5 the Hawks' starters as they're announced to the State Farm Arena crowd! A rebounding-only, halftime version is also available.

Super FUNnel
Super FUNnel

With the Super FUNnel, your group will get to hype up the fellas as they make their way from the locker room to the hardwood! You'll line up right outside the locker room and cheer the players on as they funnel through the fans before the game.

Postgame Free Throws
Postgame Free Throws

This is your chance to take a shot on an NBA court! Come down to the main court after the game with up to 100 members of your group to shoot a free-throw. You only get one shot... make it count!


Have your group form a tunnel on the court for the players to run through as they gear up for pre-game warmups!

National Anthem
National Anthem

Honor America and perform the National Anthem before thousands of fans at a Hawks game. Up to 40 people from your group can participate in this exclusive opportunity, but don't wait - These openings don't last long!

Prime Time
Prime Time

Think of how cool it would be to be the opening act for your Atlanta Hawks! With the pre-game Prime Time experience, your group performs just before the players hit the court for warm-ups with a cheer, dance, mini-game and more!

Color Guard
Color Guard

Help the team honor our Nation's Flag during the singing of our National Anthem as your group presents the colors at center court before the game. This one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for your JROTC, Military, Scout or public service group!

Court of Dreams
Court of Dreams

Imagine the excitement of your group when they step onto the same court that the superstars of the NBA play on! On the Court of Dreams, you have access to the main court for a 2 hour time frame (typically 1-3 p.m. and/or 3-5 p.m.). Enjoy team-building activities, company meetings or even play a full-court game. The court is yours!


The Co-Captains come to center court to participate in the referee meeting with the Hawks captains, visiting team captains and the NBA officials. After the meeting is over, the captains get the opportunity to get their picture taken on the floor!

TopGolf & Private Suites

Interested in teeing it up while at State Farm Arena? Call today to learn more about our TopGolf Swing Suites and additional private suites!

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