Harry The Hawk Completes Ice Bucket Challenge

Challenge accepted!

The "ice bucket challenge" officially made its way to the Hawks camp this week after University of Florida mascot Albert The Gator challenged Harry The Hawk.

For those who don't know, the ice bucket challenge started in Boston as a way to raise awareness for ALS and to support former Boston College baseball captain Pete Frates, who has the disease.  It has since exploded across the U.S., with various athletes, mascots and everyone in between taking part to raise awareness, and challenging others to do the same.  

Once challenged, you have 24 hours to complete the task and challenge others.

What is "the task" you ask?  It's as simple as it sounds: dump a bucket of ice over your head, and post video proof.

Albert challenged Harry in this video, and Harry gladly obliged.  Watch the video to see how it went down.  Or, if you want to skip straight to the good stuff, you can view the condensed Instagram version below.

Harry now challenges Raymond from the Tampa Bay Rays, G-Wiz from the Washington Wizards and Stuff from the Orlando Magic.

Story by Jaryd Wilson