Draft Profile: Could DeAndre Bembry Be Hawks' Next "3 And D" Project?

DeAndre Bembry

If the Hawks opt for a wing option with the #21 overall pick in this year's draft, one player who may turn into that "3 and D" mold is St. Joseph's DeAndre Bembry.  The Hawks have been known to turn these types of players (DeMarre Carroll, Kent Bazemore) into efficient shooters.

For more on Bembry, we hit up Dakota Schmidt (@Dakota_Schmidt) with Ridiculous Upside:

What are DeAndre’s strengths?

Everything besides shooting. With St. Joseph's, Bembry was able to contribute in a variety of ways: defense, facilitating, working the offensive glass, post-ups and driving to the hoop. His facilitating might be his best skill, as he has great court vision and can use his 6'5" frame to see over the court and make the key pass. 

How does his game translate to the NBA?

While his fledging jumper does hold him back in a game that's so reliant on perimeter jumpers, I think he can fit into that Evan Turner or Shaun Livingston role. Work as a point forward that can help facilitate and create a lot of havoc on the defensive end. 

What can he do to improve?

Jumper. While he loved shooting from the perimeter and definitely showcased NBA range, shooting 27% from three during his junior season means he has a lot of work ahead of him. A lot of those issues can be fixed with a solid shooting coach, as his footwork is inconsistent and needs to control his elbows as he's shooting. 

What style of play suits him best?

Bembry's a chameleon in how he seems to be comfortable working in an up-tempo system or in straight half-court sets. His mobility and fluidity has allowed him to be great in transition while his facilitating and solid handles lets him do work in half-court sets. 

To which current NBA player would you compare him?

See him being similar to a Jimmy Butler or Khris Middleton as they're both wings that are solid defenders and can facilitate. Like Bembry, Middleton and Butler struggled with their perimeter jumper during college but was either able to refine it (Middleton) or figure out how to dominate without being a great shooter (Butler). He's that plug-and-play type of prospect that can come in and help the team in a variety of ways.

Check out some of Bembry's highlights:


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