The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club Unveils The Most Cutting-Edge Uniform In Pro Sports

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club today revealed the most bold and cutting-edge uniforms in professional sports. In addition to the unveiling of new groundbreaking uniforms, the franchise also released new wordmarks and brand colors that pay tribute to the state of Georgia, city of Atlanta and the rich history of the Hawks Basketball Club.               

Torch Red, Georgia Granite Gray and Volt Green replace the red, white and blue color scheme that had represented the franchise since June 2007. The new colors help create a unique visual identity for the future that showcase state and city pride and the Hawks proud heritage within a modern, innovative design.

The Hawks’ new look marks five distinct uniform firsts for the NBA:

  1. Feather Pattern - The V-shaped design of the ‘feather pattern’ captures the essence of an attacking hawk with upswept wings and talons down – a nod to the Hawks attacking style of play.
  2. Asymmetry – The shorts display the feather pattern down one leg leading to the Pac-Man logo and team name down the other.
  3. Bold New Color – With its inclusion of Volt Green, the Hawks are the 1st NBA team to have the eye-catching color as part of its brand color scheme.
  4. Mix and Match – the uniform kit also allows for the team to mix and match jerseys, shorts and socks.
  5. Head-to-Toe – This also marks the first time that socks, shoes and laces were built as part of the overall uniform kit – delivering a true head-to-toe design approach.

Each color of the new brand identity tells a unique story about the composition and spirit of the Hawks:

Torch Red is symbolic of the team’s red-hot spirit and fiery passion for the game. It has been a consistent thread throughout almost all Atlanta Hawks teams from its inception.

Georgia Granite Gray, like the distinct Georgia stone, is demonstrative of the organization’s firm foundation comprised of deep character, strength and rock-solid integrity.

Volt Green takes its inspiration from the Hawks early 1970s teams, representing fearless innovation and vibrancy.

“It was very important to us that we found a way to honor our heritage while reflecting the vibrant, diverse culture of Atlanta and creating a dynamic look for the next generation of our basketball club. Our new uniforms accomplish those goals in a bold manner that is both True to Atlanta and how we operate our business,” CEO Steve Koonin said.

Each of the Hawks new uniforms feature the special ‘feather pattern’ which draws inspiration from a hawk’s breast and manifests itself in a shadowed triangulated pattern. The primary color of the home jersey remains white with “Atlanta” in Torch Red with Volt Green accenting to provide depth. The numbers reverse the color pattern. The shorts feature the iconic Pac-Man logo on one leg with the team name in new wordmark down the other. The secondary logo appears at the mid-section of the waistband.

Georgia Granite Gray serves as the base for the primary road uniform with Torch Red lettering for “Atlanta” with Volt Green outlining.  The numbers reverse the color focus. Torch Red serves as the base color for the alternate road uniform. Inspired by the music, culture and fashion of Atlanta, the new A-T-L wordmark embodies the unique and youthful spirit of the city.

Fans can purchase merchandise with the new look of the Hawks Basketball Club at the Hawks Team Shop inside Philips Arena. The new visual identity will also be on display at tomorrow night’s 2015 Hawks Draft Party.