10 Things to Know About Dennis Schröder's 2017-18 Season

Dennis Schroder
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Story by KL Chouinard
Twitter: @KLChouinard

1) Dennis was an isolation maestro in 2017-18.  

Schröder was one of the most efficient high-volume players in isolation situations this season, scoring 1.09 points per possession. Among the 47 players with 100 or more isolation plays, he ranked third behind only James Harden and Chris Paul. 

2) Dennis on taking on a leadership role on a young team, in his own words. 

"To be a leader of an NBA team is a blessing, first off, but it's tough. To get up in the morning and go to practice and you see 12 or 13 guys looking up to you – me and Baze – and (they) try to do the same thing that you do every time. So you've got to be ready when you get up. You've just got to set an example for everyone. It's tough, especially in a season when we're losing a lot. You try to stay positive. I learned a lot from that too. I think, moving forward, it's good for me as well." 

3) Dennis led the Hawks in total points, assists, free throws attempted and free throws made.  

On a per-game basis, Schröder ranked 25th in the NBA in points (19.4), 13th in assists (6.2), and 27th in free-throw percentage (84.9 percent).  

4) Dennis plans to play for the German national team this summer. 

On the question of whether or not he would play this summer Schröder said, "Yeah, but we've just got a few games of World Cup Qualification. We've got like 4 or 6 games, so I'm going to that for sure."

Germany plays its final two first-round qualification games for the 2019 FIBA World Cup this summer with contests versus Austria (June 29) and Serbia (July 2). Germany has already earned a spot in the second round of the qualifiers, and they will advance to play the first two games of that round in mid-September before NBA training camps open. (One other point of note: the standings from first-round games roll over into the second round, so outcomes of the Austria/Serbia games are still relevant.)

5) Dennis registered a career-high scoring night three times this season. 

In December, Schröder scored 33 points against the Mavericks to set a new career high. Three weeks later, he scored 34 points against Brooklyn, but that mark didn't last long either. On March 20, on the road in Utah, Schröder scored 41 points to lead the Hawks to a season sweep of the Jazz. It was the most points scored by a Hawk in a regular-season game since 2008.


6) Those 41 points were ridiculous. Did we mention the he scored them against the NBA's best defense of 2017-18?


7) Dennis also tied a career high with 15 assists in a home win over the Pelicans. He also had 0 turnovers in the game.  

It was the first time that Schröder had notched 15 assists in a regulation game. He had previously achieved the feat playing 55 minutes of a four-overtime win over the New York Knicks on January, 29, 2017.

8) Dennis hit a ton of shots from the midrange.

Schröder made 104 of 223 the shots that he took between 16 and 24 feet from the basket. His 46.6 percent accuracy rate on those shots placed Schröder among the best shooters in the NBA from that distance. 

9) Dennis on his summer player development plans, in his own words

"I want, for sure, for my three-point shot to be like my pullup – shooting it the same way from everywhere. And getting stronger in the weight room. I think those are the two most important parts for me." 

10) The Hawks' offense revolved on Dennis' ability to drive to the basket.  

 And not just for his own points, but also for his knack for driving and finding an open teammate. According to NBA tracking data, Schröder's 16.4 drives per game put him among the NBA's most prolific offensive dynamos. He scored at an efficient rate on those drives, and even better, he did while registering a terrifically low turnover rate (5.1 percent).



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