2021 NBA Draft Profile



Round 235
Drafted By:New Orleans Pelicans
6-8 / 206 lbs
Draft 2021

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About Herbert Jones

• Herb Jones is a long, competitive point-forward whose unselfish approach on both ends was key to Alabama’s rise in the SEC and run to the Sweet Sixteen.  Widely regarded as one of the top-100 prospects in the high school class of 2017 following his senior year at Hale County High School (AL), Jones opted to stay in state and play for the Crimson Tide.  Carving out an important rotation role as a true freshman that grew steadily over time, Jones had a breakout year as a senior under head coach Nate Oats.  Averaging 11.2 points, 6.6 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 1.7 steals and 1.1 blocks, the Tuscaloosa native earned SEC Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year honors.

• Listed at 6-foot-8 with a wiry, improving 210-pound frame to go along with a 7-foot wingspan, Jones is a rangy athlete with very good size for a small forward and a tremendous motor.

• Jones played a somewhat unique role for Alabama serving as the team’s primary facilitator as they looked to push tempo.  Making unselfish plays looking to grab and go off the defensive glass and using his size and athletic ability to put pressure on the rim when things got stagnant for the Crimson Tide in the half court, Jones carried a heavier burden last season than his scoring numbers suggest.  Scoring well off hustle plays, finishing fast breaks, and making some impressive drives when he could find an angle, Jones had some positive moments putting pressure on the rim.  He had some ups and downs looking for his own offense and has significant room to grow as a jump shooter, but set the pace for an explosive Crimson Tide offense.

• Guarding every position at some point last season, Jones is a terrific defender with great length, good feet, and the combination of competitiveness and technique to do a lot of little things.

Advanced Stats

• One of the most unique players in college basketball, Jones played primarily point guard as a senior at Alabama. Generating nearly a quarter of his possessions in Transition scoring 0.80 points per Transition possession [19th percentile], Jones showed the ability to take the ball caost-to-coast and created as many shots for others as he attempted himself in the open court. He is a long-strider in space who can play above the rim with a head of stream, but will give the ball up early whenever the opportunity presents itself.

• Looking to get downhill with the ball in the half court and contributing with his energy without it, Jones generated around two-thirds of his shots around the rim and averaged 1.03 points per shot around the rim in the half court [34th percentile].  Using his size, long strides, and strong first step to attack the rim, Jones had some impressive moments using his length to finish but was unable to muscle his way to an angle to the rim in others.

• Showing the ability to drive and dish and make simple plays out of the pick and roll and post, Jones’ unselfishness stood out on a team with no shortage of shooters.  Averaging 1.05 points per jump shot in the half court [77th percentile] on limited attempts, Jones still brings the ball across his body in his shooting motion but made some strides on the perimeter as a senior.  Effectively a non-shooter even a year ago, Jones’ ability to become a more reliable threat from beyond the arc could add a significant dimension to his game.

Defensive Analysis

• Among the best defenders in college basketball, Jones is a long, competitive, and experienced wing who can come up with a chasedown block on one play and stunt and recover to deter a dribble drive on the next.  Capable of guarding multiple positions but still finding a way to do a lot of little things, Jones set the tone for one of the most improved defensive teams in the country.

• Allowing 0.63 points per one-on-one possession [65th percentile], making an impact off the ball, and communicating consistently, Jones has the makings of a valuable, versatile defender, particularly if his frame continues to improve.


— Profile by Synergy Sports