Postgame Quotes: Trail Blazers at Mavericks

Head Coach Terry Stotts (On not knowing who your playoff opponent is when leaving the arena)“I mean I’m sure it’s happened before but it’s just the way it is. We’ll know in a few minutes and it probably doesn’t change the rest of my night either way.” (On how you think the team did in the regular season finale)“Look, we struggled offensively early but I thought we kept competing. Obviously we’re under-manned but I thought everybody out there played hard and competed.” (What did you like about Tim Frazier, did you start him in the second half because of his play in the second quarter?)“Yeah, he gave us a lot of juice. He pushed the ball, he made good decisions. Guys were running with him; I liked the tempo. We scored I think 32 in that quarter and he had a lot to do with it so wanted to give him a shot in the second half.” (What was your message to the team after this game on the regular season?)“It was short but it’s basically I thought we had a very good regular season. We had a good 82 game season, we’ve accomplished a lot in the regular season and now it’s time to move on.” Damian Lillard (On his overall thought on the season)“I think we had a really good year, especially with all the injuries we de3alt with. Last year was smooth sailing. We won a lot of games and surprised a lot of people. This year the expectations came, and I thought we handled it well. LaMarcus (Aldridge) has been out for some games and Nicolas (Batum) has been out some games. We’ve dealt with some injuries and some adversity. I think we did a great job with another 50-win season.” (On ending the season on a four game losing streak)“I think we can’t ignore it. We have to go to the film and address it, but it’s a new season. Since I’ve been here, we haven’t won the last game of the season. We have to lock in on whoever we play and change our mindsets. We have to go into the series focused and ready to handle our business.” (On if the injuries will hurt their chances to win a playoff series)“Anytime you go on a losing streak, people are going to have negative things to say. People are going to say ‘oh, they’re hurt. They don’t have everybody. They’re not 100 percent.’ We’re professionals. Everybody is on this team for a reason. We’re going to have to depend on guys to step up. We have complete faith in the guys on this team.” LaMarcus Aldridge (On returning from injury tonight)“My timing was off. I think that’s what this game was about for me. I just wanted to get some shots up and try to find my rhythm. I started off kind of slow, but I started feeling better in the second quarter.” (On his overall thoughts on the season)“We’ve had back-to-back 50-win seasons. That is always a good season for you. WE’ve faced some adversity this year as far as injuries, and I think some guys have stepped up. I think that was good for us.” (On preference of team they meet in the playoffs)“That doesn’t matter. Whoever we get, I think we have a chance to beat anybody.” (On whether the recent losing streak will impact the playoffs)“Playoffs are totally different. You play the same team over and over. You always want to win your last game or your last few games, but we’ve had guys out. I think guys just have to be ready to go now.” 

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle(On how tough the division was this season) “It’s the toughest division in all of sports. It has been the last few years. I don’t see it getting any easier, but the good thing is that it makes you tougher and it makes you better. When you go through tough periods there is never an easy one waiting for you around the corner. It’s just always hard, but that’s alright – if it isn’t rough, then it isn’t right. That’s how it is in the Western Conference.”(On how well Tyson Chandler started the game) “He was great. He was great at both ends; rebounding, presence around the rim. He was scoring, he made one jump shot, he got free throws in and he had one or two tip-ins. He got us going and then as the game went on, I thought we got better. We had some lapses where we didn’t play particularly great, but we got it done. The guys wanted to win 50 [games] and Portland is no push over, even without some of their main guys. We had to play but we got that done and now it is basically starting from scratch.”(On winning 50 games in the tough Western Conference) “We feel as though it is significant. We wanted to do it and 50 sounds better than 49.  Really, year in and year out it sounds better, and it is. Not only because it’s a higher number, it’s a different set of ten, but it brings you above 60-percent winning percentage, which is pretty significant. But that is done, now it is 0-0 for everybody and the first team to 16 wins. We have been watching this thing very closely; we have a lot of information on a lot of people, but it’s going to Houston and they are great team that has had a great year. They have two of the greatest players in the game with Howard and Harden. They have a terrific supporting cast and they are well coached. We are going to have to play our butts off to beat them.”Tyson Chandler (How would you describe the win tonight? – “It was a game that we came locked in from the start. We wanted to get the 50th win for this franchise. We’ve had a lot of success over the years and we want that to continue and also we wanted to go in healthy and on a good not going into the playoffs.” (You had 22 points and 15 boards tonight. How are you feeling physically?) – “I feel good. The last week or so I’ve really been feeling good. But right now I’m feeling good, I’m feeling good at the right time and that’s all that matters.” (How do you think the team is mentally/physically going into the playoffs?) – “Yeah I like the moral of the team right now. I like our communication especially tonight. Rondo out there talking and I like where we are and I also like to we have this little bit of break to really lock in on one team.” (What are your first impressions of facing the Rockets in the First Round?) – “They are going to be a tough opponent. Harden, Dwight Howard, there aggression and the pressure that Harden puts on you defensively. Harden may be MVP if not, probably will be the runner up. We have a tough task ahead of us.” Mavs forward Charlie Vllanueva (How does it feel to know that you’ll be playing in your first NBA playoffs of your career?) – “Yeah it’s a lot of games played making it to the playoffs though, but I’m so thankful and blessed. I’m so proud of these guys and I get to experience going to the playoffs for the first time with these guys and I’m so thankful.” “It’s going to be exciting. I can’t wait. This is where the real season begins. You’ve got to be thankful for getting 50 wins that’s big for our organization. Now you’ve got to buckle down and get ready to play in the postseason.”