A Letter to Harry Glickman From Bill Walton

Thank you Harry, 

for your vision, passion, enthusiasm, work ethic, sacrifice, discipline, kindness, patience, and honor,  

our lives are the result of your dreams, and your willingness to commit your life to fulfilling them, 

we are eternally grateful for what you have done, 

we will do our best now to carry on in honor and tribute to the magnificent empire that you created and built, 

50 years, wow, remarkable, spectacular, empty the thesaurus, 

I was there, 

Harry, with your wife Joanne, and three children, Marshall, Jennifer, and Lynn, you’ve all done your job, better than we could ever hope for, 

the rest is up to us, 

may you rest peacefully, forever more, 

please know that we love, admire, respect, and appreciate you more than words can tell, 

Harry, you are the Portland Trail Blazers, 

we are so lucky to be a small part of your glorious and all-encompassing spirit, 

thank you, for your life, which has given us ours,  

Bill Walton


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