Trail Blazers Debut Red 'Statement' Uniforms During Homestand

by Casey Holdahl
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Back in September, Nike debuted the new “Statement” uniforms for all 30 teams at an event in Los Angeles, a reveal that included Portland’s red alternates. Ever since, fans have been asking when the Trail Blazers planned on wearing their new kit, which features a black sash on a field of bright red.

We now have an answer.

After wearing their standard white “Association” and black “Icon” jerseys for the first 21 games of the season, the Trail Blazers will wearing their red “Statement” jerseys for the first time in Thursday night’s game versus the Milwaukee Bucks at the Moda Center. The Trail Blazers will continue to wear the “Statement” uniforms for the duration of their four-game homestand, which includes games against the Pelicans, Wizards and Rockets.

"I like it, it’s probably one of the best of the new jerseys," said Trail Blazers forward Maurice Harkless, who modeled Portland's "Statement" jersey during the unveiling in Los Angeles. "I don’t know why but whenever something is all red, it’s always popular."

While the changes made to the Nike “Association” and “Icon” jerseys didn’t result in a look that was all different from the previous "home" and "road" adidas uniforms, the “Statement” uniform is a significant derivation from the Trail Blazers’ previous red alternate.

For example, the diagonal sash on the jersey was modernized to feature “tone-on-tone stripes” inspired by the pinwheel logo. Previously, the sash was comprised of five stripes of varying widths in silver, black, red and white. The sash on the new iteration is also comprised of five lines, though now those lines, grey on a black field, are all the same width. That continues on the shorts, with the multi-colored bars being replaced with tone-on-tone stripes.

While reaction from the fans has been mixed, most of the players seemed to like the new "Statement" jersey, even if it isn't their favorite of Portland's three options. However, what accessories to wear with the "Statement" uniform is also an area of concern for at least one of Portland's most fashion-forward players.

"I like the black jerseys, that’s my thing," said Ed Davis. "I just hope we don’t do the red socks with it. I don’t like the red socks, I’d rather just do white or black (socks)… The socks are the issue for me. That’s too much red."

There might be a limit to how much red Davis is will to wear at one time, but if the Trail Blazers are successful at winning games in the "Statement" jersey, those issues are likely to be forgotten.

"I love ‘em, I think they’ll be awesome," said Pat Connaughton of the "Statement" uniform. "I think it’ll be cool to break them out and it’ll be cool to get some wins in them."