PODCAST » More Preseason And The Battle For The 14th Spot On The Blazers Balcony

by Casey Holdahl
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Greetings current podcast listeners and potential new listeners! With two preseason games in the books and two yet to be played, Brooke Olzendam, she of Trail Blazers TV, and I, Casey Holdahl of trailblazers.com, hit record on the 26th edition of The Blazers Balcony podcast, which you can listen/subscribe to below...

On this week's show we discuss "mock squabbles,"  debating animal testing, big wins for Brooke’s Cougars, the Birthday Industrial Complex, what to make of Portland’s preseason, the 14th roster spot, whether Portland’s injuries are serious or a product of preseason, the smell of hot dogs, taking the bus or the Maserati, Nurk truck, Brooke going “casual" and Neil Everett coming on as a host for the pre, halftime and post game shows for most road games and what that means for the rest of the broadcast team. There's quite a bit of crosstalk to start this one, so if that's not your bag, consider starting around the 20 minute mark, though it's your loss. 

You can subscribe to the Blazers Balcony on Apple PodcastsPocket CastsStitcherTuneInGoogle PlaySpotifyI Heart Radio and Pandora. And we'll be back next week for at 2021-22 regular season preview edition, so set asside some time in your schedule for that. 


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