PODCAST » First Bus, Episode 5 (Sort Of)

by Casey Holdahl
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Between the postponement (at best) of the NBA season and "shelter in place" rules being instituted throughout much of the country, there's very little traveling taking place over the last three weeks. And given those facts, a podcast that focuses on the day-to-day of traversing the country with an NBA team doesn't have a whole lot of current applicable topics to discuss. 

But who cares! Since we're both stuck at our respective homes, Brooke Olzendam and I decided to record the fifth edition of the First Bus podcast, the podcast that focuses on life traveling with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Though the power of technology Brooke, at her mom's house in Spokane, and I, at my home in North Portland, discuss how we're spending the days since the NBA season was suspended due to the coronavirus, where we'd be right now if the season was still proceeding as scheduled, Doris Burke, contemplating what the season might looks like if/when basketball returns, missing work, putting together puzzles, rats, Brooke's "English Muffin Challenge" and more. 

You can subscribe to First Bus on Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Now's the time to subscribe, as we'll be back on the road eventually. 


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