Food Donation Program
The Trail Blazers, Levy, and Urban Gleaners are teaming up to recover surplus food from Moda Center to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger in our region.

Urban Gleaners

It works like this! After every Rose Quarter event:
  • Our friends at Urban Gleaners pick up surplus, unserved food from the Rose Quarter and takes it to their warehouse for processing.
  • Urban Gleaners’ volunteers sorts, repackages, and labels the food into family-sized containers.
  • These packages are delivered along with donations from dozens of other companies to schools, parks, apartment complexes, and through a variety of hunger services organizations.

To date, 60,305 pounds of reusable food has been recovered from Rose Quarter games and events, equaling 50,254 meals donated to children and families in need since 2014. Together we are bringing food to thousands of children and families, diverting thousands of pounds of food waste, and raising awareness for the great work Urban Gleaners does in our community.

Volunteer or make a donation by visiting the Urban Gleaners website.