Wizney World Blog: Building the content

July 12, 10:10 P.M.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

There was no practice today for the Wizards, though some players did go over to get shots up for an hour. I stayed back to focus on some of our upcoming content and the full week ahead! We’ve given you a preview to a lot of the things in the works, and been trying to give an inside look at everything we’re doing down here on and off the court.

Let me back up and give you a bit more of a background on what I do, besides take photos and travel with the team. I lead the Wizards’ content – both on the website and social channels – working with several different departments across the company. Videos, podcasts, written articles, and more are put together by our digital and productions groups. More specifically, I work with the smaller content team to deliver everything we produce in the best way possible, all while meeting our brand guidelines and communications messaging.

For example, check out our teaser video for the debut of Troy Brown Jr.’s “Ballin’ in the Bubble” vlog.

This is one of the biggest projects we’ll be working on here in Disney World, and frankly it was mainly Troy’s idea, which makes it even better. Athlete-driven content is becoming more and more common, with players leading their own features. We at Wizards digital are making sure to help Troy get this thing running and collaborating on what will be a memorable project for everything involved. The first episode drops Monday at 10:00 A.M. on all of the Wizards’ social channels and Troy’s YouTube page.

Speaking of which, we started shooting a future episode: passing the free time in the bubble outside of basketball, working out, recovering, and eating. Brown invited his teammates Isaac Bonga, Admiral Schofield, and Jerome Robinson to compete in cornhole, pool, and ping pong. We’ll have more on that in a later episode of “Ballin’ in the Bubble.”

From my end, two interesting things happened to me today. The smoke alarm in my room went off, which the hotel came and fixed luckily. It wasn’t just my room though – another member of our traveling party had the same issue! Secondly, we got our laundry back nice and folded. However, I was charged over $20 for dry cleaning I didn’t even ask for…Hopefully we get that one figured out.

While I was finishing writing this, Jerome Robinson called me. "You have to come down here, I caught the biggest fish of my life!" he said.

Tomorrow, we head back to the court for what should be another high-intensity practice. I’ll catch up with you all either tomorrow or Tuesday!

P.S., mini G-Wiz is alive and well.


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