Vol. IV: Off-Season Daggers with Steve Buckhantz

WashingtonWizards.com caught up with Wizards commentator Steve Buckhantz to get his take on current happenings around the NBA

WW.com: Now that the Wizards know they have the #3 pick, if you put your GM hat on who would be your choice at that spot?

SB: Randy may have already said it best. No matter who the team takes, it will be a player that can contribute this season.
But don't forget, after Davis goes to New Orleans, Charlotte will pick second. Do they take Kidd-Gilchrist, Thomas Robinson, Bradley Beal or Harrison Barnes? How about Andre Drummond?

I know the Wiz like Robinson because he's a heck of a physical specimen, athletic and agile. He's also local which is always a plus.

They are also high on shooting guard Bradley Beal from Florida who would complement John Wall beautifully and can be counted on to knock down shots.

Thankfully, I'm not paid to be a general manager, but one of those guys is coming to DC and I'm hopeful he'll make a difference next season.

WW.com: Pre-Draft Workouts will start heating up at Verizon Center soon. What do you think are some of the things that the talent evaluators are looking for during these sessions?

SB: While pre draft workouts certainly can't replicate actual game situations, they can show evaluators whether or not the player can fit into their system and how comfortable they appear to be on the floor. I've seen some workouts where a promising athlete looks absolutely lost and clumsy on the court and yet he came in with excellent credentials. Then you'll see a guy who got little pub but looks smooth and polished. The top players likely won't offer any surprises in workouts, but the Wiz should get a real good look at some of the candidates for their other two picks.

WW.com: It seems that just when everyone is ready to write Boston off as being too old and too slow, they find a way to get the job done. Do you think they feed off all of the doubters and use that as motivation to help them fight through these playoffs?

SB: Despite some aging veterans they continue to play at a championship level. The big three have lost a little steam, but clearly can still make huge shots in clutch situations. Of course they wouldn't have achieved ANY of this without the sensational play of Rondo. He's not just good, he's wise. And it's his wisdom that continues to carry this team. I predicted Miami to win the title. In fact, back in my first writing of these DAGGERS, I had them going up against the Thunder. Would you call me crazy if I said I still think they'll win the East and play OKC in the finals? (as of this writing, Boston has taken a three games to two lead in the series). I don't necessarily think the C's feed off doubters... I just think the savvy of three veterans has rubbed off on Rondo and collectively they have a tremendous amount of confidence.

WW.com: We’ve covered your vacations and concerts, how about any summer blockbuster movies that you’ve already seen or are planning on seeing this summer?

SB: I am one of the great movie buffs of all time but am sad to report I haven't been to the theatre in a while. This is tragic, as I was looking forward to The Stooges flick since the first trailer! The season was a hectic one and it seems like every single night since we wrapped up, I've been watching NBA, NHL and Nats games. I have some serious catching up to do but I will be happy to offer my critiques in the near future.