February 8th Game Recap: Wizards vs. Knicks

Knicks Bring Down Wizards

The Wizards got off to a good start on Wednesday night (23-17 lead after 1st quarter), but it went downhill after that and the Knicks went on to win 107-93.

The Wizards inability to defend the Knicks pick and roll offense would be the biggest difference in the game as Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin went for 23 points and 10 assists running the show. After the game, the Wizards players acknowledged that they had trouble defending Lin and the Knicks pick and roll offense.

"They we're being aggressive....later in the game they got what they wanted to and it hurt us, we'll watch some film tomorrow and figure it out" said Wizards forward Trevor Booker.

Lin said the Knicks probably ran 100 pick and rolls at the Wizards and even though they switched their coverage, nothing seemed to be able to stop the Knicks offense.

John Wall was a bright spot for the Wizards as his 29 points and six assists led the team. Trevor Booker also continued his strong play, adding 17 points and seven rebounds.

The Wizards return to action on Friday night when they host the Miami Heat at Verizon Center (7pm).

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On the game:

“We played basketball, we knew they were going to come in and make shots without their key players. We didn’t execute and do the things we needed to do to get the victory. They spaced the court and knocked down big shots. As a team we didn’t do a good enough job to disrupt their rhythm. We just have to play harder and make the key stops, especially late in the games.”

On Jeremy Lin:

“He did a really good job running pick and roll and managing the game. If we stepped out on the shooter, Lin was able to get a layup. I knew he could play basketball and if you are a guard that can run pick and roll in their coach’s offense you have a very good chance to excel.”


On the Wizards’ performance:

“I feel really comfortable and excited to be out there. I was a little frustrated that it didn’t translate into a win tonight. Throughout the season we have played a number of teams missing their star players, and we have yet to capitalize on that. Although, we are missing some of our players as well, this was a golden opportunity to gain some momentum off of a win against Toronto.”

On the Knicks’ performance:

“They executed extremely well and you have to give them credit for that. Jeremy Lin made all the right plays all night long and played very unselfish. As a result, he ended up with 23 points and 10 assists. He was able to those guys going. They are playing really well.”

On the Wizards’ energy:

“We are a family and we are a team and when we do a bad job, we do bad together. Everybody just has to play with more energy on the ball. We need the bigs to continue to step up and the wing players to continue to bring more energy.”


On the game:

“It’s frustrating. In tonight’s game, they didn’t have their two superstars and we didn’t play good enough to win. When they did have their key players, we came within a possession from beating them. Their pick and rolls killed us. They came out more aggressive than we were. The aggressiveness from the shooters and the guy rolling was the key to their victory.”

On Jeremy Lin:

“I wasn’t surprised by his game play. I played against him in Summer League and I saw his potential there. He is developing into a good player. He really has a bright future ahead of him.”


On the Wizards’ performance:

“The game boiled down to containment. We were not able to contain the basketball all night. Whether it was pick and roll or balls kicked out. We got it to six going into halftime. They were the aggressors who had us on our heels from a defensive standpoint, which led to the fouling.”

“I think it was phenomenal. We had a few breakdowns but had great pressure. If you’re making games out of aggression, then do what you need to. We can’t play soft. In the fourth quarter we covered shooters. (Jerryd) Bayless was making great shots and we were able to cover them in overtime.”

On the Knicks missing their leading scorers:

“You should always expect to do better, no matter who you play against. After this game, I wish they would’ve played again, and see what we could have done. They spread the floor well tonight. There wasn’t a lot of ball stoppage, and their ball movement was great. They deserve a lot of credit.”

On Jeremy Lin’s performance:

“He did a nice job again. We have been watching film on him for weeks. He was playing with a lot of confidence and a guy his size when he gets inside, he makes the right decisions with his passing and can finish at the rim. He is playing with a lot of confidence and he has been doing that since he joined the Knicks.”