1-on-1 with Trevor Booker

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Gametime: How has your rookie season been going thus far?

Trevor Booker: It’s been going pretty good so far. I'm just trying to get adjusted, learn the plays and learn the defense. Things like that.

GT: What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make from playing in college at Clemson University to now playing in the NBA for the Washington Wizards?

TB: Probably just learning the team defense. It’s a little different from college, so I'm just going through that transition.

GT: What other players on the team have helped you the most in your rookie season?

TB: I think everybody really. I mean everybody points things out to everybody. So everybody helps everybody.

GT: For the fans that don’t know much about your game, can you give us the scouting report on Trevor Booker?

TB: Aggressive, high energy, goes hard, relentless.

GT: What do you hope to improve upon the most?

TB: Everything, my overall game.

GT: Do you feel spending all four years at Clemson University helped better prepare you for competing in the NBA?

TB: I think so, because during my four years I went through things, I faced adversity, I got a lot of experience. So I think it helped me.

GT: How have you enjoyed living in Washington, D.C.?

TB: Oh I love D.C.

GT: When you are not on the basketball court, what other activities in D.C. do you enjoy participating in?

TB: I just like to play games, really. Play video games. I got the XBOX. Right now I’m playing ‘Rapstar’. And during the night, I don’t know if they want to hear this, but I watch “Jeopardy.”

GT: What kind of food do you like to eat, and do you have a favorite restaurant in the Washington D.C. area?

TB: Matchbox. I love the sliders and the meat pizza.

GT: Growing up in South Carolina, who was your role model?

TB: Well on the court I looked to MJ (Michael Jordan) just like everybody else did.

GT: What are your goals for the rest of the season

TB: Just to keep working hard and to work my way onto the court.

GT: I know its hard think about now, but by the end of your NBA career, what is the one goal you would like to achieve the most?

TB: Just to stay healthy and to stay durable.

GT: If you weren’t an NBA player what do you think would be your profession?

TB: A college basketball coach.


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