Andray Blatche: "We Are Going to Shock A Lot of People" It might be summer but it seems that every week you are out meeting fans in the community. Is there a reason you have made such an effort this summer to meet up with fans?

Andray Blatche: Last year our fans really came out and supported us in a time of need. I feel it is only right to give back and to support them as they supported me. It is the first time as a pro that you haven't participated in Summer League. What were your thoughts on your teammates’ performance in Las Vegas?

AB:I watched all the Summer League games during my rehab. John Wall looked great. He started off a little nervous, but he’s a rookie. JaVale is improving, really all the young guys are improving. We are going to have a good year this season and I can’t wait to get started. One tough part of your summer is the injury you incurred a little while back, what type of rehab have you been doing since the injury?

AB:As far as the rehab is concerned I’ve been doing a lot of things to keep the strength in my leg and hip. I’ve been able to continue to work on my conditioning with a lot of work in the pool. Other than that I'm just trying to eat healthy. You talked about John Wall earlier, how excited are you to play with him?

AB: It’s always good to have a great point guard on your team. Great point guards are in charge of running the team and it gives players like myself easier opportunities. I feel like John Wall is that type of player. He’s a leader. He’s very positive. He’s well coached. I feel like he’s going to be a great player for us. We are now just six weeks away from training camp, how excited are you to get back on the court with your teammates?

AB: I’m very excited. The first thing for me is getting my foot ready. Right now that is my focus so I don’t miss any practices or preseason games. The second half of last season there was a lot of roster turnover and in the process you took on a much bigger role. How much are you looking forward to being one of the leaders during the team’s rebuilding project?

AB:It means a lot to me. I’ve been in the NBA now for five years. It was always one of my goals to be one of the main guys on a team. I worked at it and the organization gave me a great opportunity and I’m really happy. My main goal now is turn this franchise into a winning franchise. We had a couple rough seasons, but I feel that we are young, athletic, and fast and that we are going to shock a lot of people.

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