Suns One On One: Alex Len

Suns One On One host Greg Esposito caught up with Suns first round pick Alex Len. The big man shares his thoughts on growing up in Ukraine, his odd recruiting process with Maryland, gymnastics and a love of Jackie Chan. They talk about that and much more on this edition of the show.

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Check out a preview of the interview here:

Greg Esposito: How’s the rehab going so far?

Alex Len: The rehab is going well. My ankle is feeling great. Just got done running on the treadmill. Got 20 minutes in and got some shots up. I’m feeling good. Can’t wait for the season.

Espo: What was it like to be a gymnast and what event did you exceed at?

Len: I was doing, what is it called in english, with the two bars… the parallel bars. That was my specialty thing. They told me right away I was too tall so I wasn’t going to be any good. I was just doing it for fun. I really liked it.

Espo: What was the recruiting process like before you wound up at Maryland?

Len: It was really different for me as a European player because not a lot of colleges knew about me. Just a couple like Virginia Tech and Maryland, D.C. area. Coach Rob Ehsan, at the time he was on the Maryland staff, he recruited me through Facebook. I gave him a phone number. He would call me during the day and would try to talk to me. I didn’t speak english so I didn’t understand him. So it was a little different.

Espo: You chose to wear No. 21. Is there any reason or meaning behind it?

Len: Growing up I used to like a lot of both Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. Both of them used to wear 21 at the time. Back home in high school I wore 21 too. When I got to college 21 was taken.