Postgame Quotes: Suns at Warriors - February 7, 2011

by Jeramie McPeek
VP, Digital

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Grant Hill

Keith Smart

Monta Ellis

David Lee

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On Taking the Lead Early On)
“Big leads early in the game don’t mean anything. It gets you off to a good start but I just thought we did a good job of trying to maintain. We kept separation for the longest time, at some stage they were going to make some shots--Monta was going to make some shots. To me, the guy that no one seems to talk about, but every time he plays against us he seems to play great is Reggie Williams. He shoots the ball extremely well, he can create his own shot, he is the one that kind of shot them back in the game and got them back in the game. Channing (Frye) made a couple of big shots, Steve (Nash) had a big three and we were able to hold them off. At some stage though, playing at home, you’ve got to think that they were going to make a run. We didn’t get the ball in the basket in the fourth quarter. I think we shot 6 for 24 or something like that, and you know you’ve got to be able to get the ball in the basket.”

(On the Suns’ Defense)
“I thought defensively Grant (Hill) did a great job on Monta (Ellis). 17 shots 21 points, he’s just pretty much impossible to keep out of the lane, at some stage he’s going to shoot a bunch of foul shots because he is always in the attack mode, he just keeps attacking. I felt overall we did a good job though. To hold that team to 92 points is really gratifying to us, because that is one of the best offensive teams in the whole league.”

(On Steve Nash’s 15 Assists)

“Just another night really. He’s been doing it for seven years and I’ve been sitting there watching him. Nothing that he did really amazed me. I don’t think he shot the ball as well as he has. He usually is the guy that can deliver the dagger and he did make one tonight but I’m amazed when he missed some of the shots that he missed. Those are usually like layups to him.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

(On Halting the Warrior’s Comeback in the 4th Quarter)
“It’s the NBA game. The games are so long that anything is possible and you can’t expect a team to not make a run, especially at home. I thought we did a good job just weathering the storm.”

(On Grant Hill’s Defensive Effort)
“Grant’s a great defender. We put him on a lot of different guys and he does a good job. I thought in the first quarter our defense was good and he was the main reason.”

(On the Team Starting to Gel)
“I think we’re going to be a work in progress the whole year, but we’re getting better. I think we’re getting our roles, cohesion, and I think everyone is feeling more and more confident that when we step on the court we can win games. There’s not as much confusion, or looking around and not being on the same page. It’s just going to take a while…I mean, it always take a while, so we just have to keep on working everyday. I think we’re in a pretty good place, but I think we have to try and continue and improve and also get a little tougher.”


Suns forward Grant Hill

(On Matching Up with Monta Ellis)

“It was tough. Monta (Ellis) is very capable and he gets a lot of shots up. I thought I did a good job, but I looked up and he had 21 [points]. I just tried to make him work and just like everybody you have to try and know their game. Against him, try to use your height and stay in front of him and really try to make him shoot contested jumpers.”

(On Meeting the Warrior’s Again Thursday Night)
“They made a run there in the fourth quarter; they’re a talented team, very high octane, they went small. Their zone gave us some trouble there in the fourth. We know we have to be a little better when we play them again. We know we just want to continue to work and continue to get better and not have any let downs Thursday in Phoenix, because we know they’re capable of playing really well.”


Warriors Head Coach Keith Smart

(On Having to Play Zone Defense)
“You had to (play zone). They just spaced you out so well, and I knew they were going to comeback and start posting up again so I had to try to go zone to mix it up and take them out of some of things they were going to try to do: post up and then the pick-and-roll and then space you out. The zone bought us some time, got us back into the game and gave us some momentum to where they were taking shots that they really didn’t want to take because they were a pick and roll team. Averaging around 30-35 pick-and-rolls a game. It bought us some time, but they found a way to make some plays.”

(On the Offensive Struggles Tonight)
“Sometimes the team you play against, Phoenix, lends itself to taking shots. To beat Phoenix…you’re not going to beat them at their game. It’s not going to happen. We’ve scored 130, 132 points. You’re not going to do that over the long haul. You’re going to have to turn down opportunities to get a better shot, or a layup, or get fouled and get to the free throw line. You’ve got to score in the paint against this team if you’re going to have a shot. Because if you’re not shooting the ball, definitely tonight, you’re going to have trouble.”

(On Ekpe Udoh’s Minutes)

“The minutes are coming, but you could see he was gassed. I mean the tank was empty on him. When he got back to that free throw line there was nothing left in there. But he’s moving up. He did some really nice things, controlled the paint got some big blocks and did some nice things in there from a defensive standpoint…also offensively. He’s moving at a great pace, but I thought when we got that run he was big part of that, but I think he was spent from there.”


Warriors guard Monta Ellis

“We played terrible. It was embarrassing the way we came out and played. We had been playing great last few games and to come out here and put a performance like this is very disappointing.”

Hopefully we cut the head off the snake right here and move on to the next one.”

(On The Loss)
“I think it speaks for itself. When its time for me to say something I will say it but right now we’ll let it roll off our tongue and move on. We’ll go to practice and loot at film and try to get the next one.”


Warriors forward David Lee

“Coming out in the first quarter we just didn’t play our best. A lot of times us shooting the ball well gets us out of that, but I think we were 2 of 18 from the three. I will live and die with our four main shooters shooting those shots. They shoot a great percentage so many nights, tonight wasn’t our night. We had more points in the paint than they did, our rebounded them, had more fast break points. We just didn’t shoot the ball particularly well and they shot the ball real well at times from beyond the three. It was just one of those game and we’ll move on.”

(On The Loss Being Disappointing)
“Ya, to keep that momentum going is very disappointing and plus it’s a team were competing with in the standings. So I feel this was a game we should have won, but we just didn’t play that well.”