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A Memorable Night
Suns great Kevin Johnson had his familiar No. 7 retired during a special ceremony at halftime of the Suns-Kings game on March 7, 2001. columnist Joe Gilmartin was on hand to detail the big event.

  • Behind the scenes photos of KJ's ceremony
  • Letters to Kevin Johnson
  • KJ's visit with Al McCoy after the event

    The Night in Video
    Check out these streaming video clips from Kevin Johnson Night, courtesy of BallBoy Productions.

  • Highlights of KJ's retirement ceremony: 28.8+ |

  • Fitzsimmons recalls The Trade: 28.8+ |

  • Colangelo presents a gift: 28.8+ |

  • More highlights from the ceremony: 28.8+ |

  • KJ meets the media: 28.8+ |

    Kevin Johnson Chats Live
    Kevin Johnson discussed how it feels to be entering the Suns Ring of Honor, his current job as an NBC analyst and his favorite point guard in the league during a live chat on on March 5.

  • Chat transcript: KJ's longtime coach Cotton Fitzsimmons
  • Chat transcript: KJ's pick-n-roll partner Tom Chambers

    KJ Round Table
    Cotton Fitzsimmons, Tom Chambers and Mark West joined Brad Cesmat on the
    KTAR 620 Sportsline on March 5, 2001, to talk with and about their former
    teammate Kevin Johnson.

    KJ Named to Honor Roll
    Suns favorites Kevin Johnson and Joe Proski will be the next two additions
    to the team's Ring of Honor. Johnson will be inducted during a special
    halftime ceremony on March 7, while Proski enters the Ring on April 1.

  • Memory Lane: KJ discusses his career
  • Bios and stats on all eight Ring of Honor members
  • Hawk, Van, Westy and Double A recall their retirement ceremonies
  • Tom Chambers Tribute

    Suns Gametime, the team's official pre-game show, pays tribute to Johnson
    with a collection of streaing video features.

    KJ Trivia
    Think you know Kevin Johnson? Take on this set of 20 questions and find out how familiar you really are with the career of KJ.

    The Johnson Years
    Kevin Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Kevin Johnson. For a lot more
    on the Suns' star, check out this archive of news articles and feature
    stories published during his days in Phoenix.

  • Former teammates share their favorite KJ stories
  • 1997: Fans thank KJ for his years of service

    Pictures Perfect
    A lot of memories are made over a decade. Flip through KJ's online photo
    album and relive some of the special moments in his NBA career.

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