Suns to Honor Real Life Superheroes in Phoenix Community

Devin Booker
by Cody Cunningham

The Phoenix Suns are hosting Superhero Night on Saturday as the team tips off against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The night will feature a Devin Booker bobblehead giveaway courtesy of Danzeisen Dairy, a costume contest and of course, superheroes. Not only will there be people replicating some of the favorite comic book heroes, but the Suns will also honor the real life superheroes in the valley.

Among the first responders and special organizations throughout Phoenix, the Suns will honor the Colten Cowell foundation during a pre-game ceremony on the court.

“The Suns have been one of our biggest supports through everything we do,” Executive Director Erika Cowell said. “It’s a huge honor to be honored by them after all they’ve done for us. It just means that world to us that not only do they support us, but to bring attention to us at a game with all the fans and the players is a real big deal.”

The Colten Cowell Foundation hosts children and their families being impacted by significant life challenges and gives them a night to learn what it is like to be a superhero. The Cave Experience gives each nominated child a limo ride to Colten Cowell Memorial Crime Fighting Cave where they can then enter the role of superhero. Following the day of exploring the cave, each child receives a check that they can then present to a charity of their choice and learn about the importance of giving back.

The Colten Cowell Foundation

“While we may not be able to cure them of everything they’re going through, for one night we can give them a night where they can just be a kid and have fun,” Cowell said. “Sometimes that’s needed more than anything else in that moment in time.”

While going and meeting a superhero will always brighten a child’s day, actually becoming the superhero allows for the child to know just how strong they truly are.

“We consider the children our superheroes,” Cowell said. “They are the superheroes. They’re the ones fighting big battles every day of their life and still overcoming it and still living life with a smile on their face. Every experience we survive is a super hero experience.”

Devin Booker Visits Phoenix Children's Hospital

Although most of them don’t wear capes, superheroes are still all around the Valley, the country and the world. Multiple Suns players have parents who have stepped up as superheroes throughout their lives and sought out to make the world a better place.

Tyler Johnson grew up with his mother in the U.S. Air Force and has seen the challenges, the battles and the rewards of her sacrifices to be a hero in her child’s eyes.

“You have to have such a mental stability and strength,” Johnson said. “You can’t have those days where you come in hazy or a little bit off or down. You might have them, but you have to put them aside because there’s literally people’s lives on the line that depend on you.”

George King shared a similar military background as Johnson with his father being an Army Veteran and his mother being in the Air Force.

“There was a lot of times where I’d go a year without seeing them,” King said. “It definitely molded me into who I am today in terms of how I treat others with respect, respect my elders and all people in general.”

While Johnson and King look up to their parents as superheroes, many children look up to both of them the same way. Although they may not be saving lives or protecting others, athletes have a platform that many children idolize and aspire to be one day.

“It’s very humbling,” Johnson said. “I know when I was a kid looking up to my favorite athletes and how much they meant to me and how instrumental they were to me and my love for everything as far as sports go. I think it’s very humbling.”

The Devin Booker Superhero bobblehead is in honor of Booker being a Suns superhero on and off the court, blessed with the power to get buckets and assist in the community. Not only is he one of just six players in NBA history to score 70 points in a game, but he also announced that he will donate $2.5 million over the next five years to Phoenix Suns Charities, which will support Arizona children and families in need.

Booker’s success on the court as well as his dedication to his community off the court is looked up to by children as they strive to reach the same dream he had of playing in the NBA.

“It’s opened my eyes to so many different things in my life,” Booker said. “I put all my focus towards the people that look up to me that I’m a role model too. That’s the most important part to me. Knowing I can affect kid’s lives in a positive way.”

Be sure to be one of the first 5,000 fans in attendance to receive the exclusive bobblehead, courtesy of Danzeisen Dairy. Fans are encouraged to dress up in their favorite superhero outfit and participate in a pregame costume contest on the Fry’s Plaza for the chance to win an autographed Booker jersey, Phoenix Fan Fusion tickets and more. Phoenix Fan Fusion will also host a fair on the Fry’s Plaza and Casino Arizona Pavilion beginning at 5:30 p.m. featuring face painting and superhero-themed photo booth.

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