Phoenix Suns Golden Standard Award: Rhoshawndra Carnes

The Phoenix Suns honored Rhoshawndra Carnes for her work in the Phoenix Community with the Golden Standard Award on Monday night’s game. The Golden Standard Award recognizes African Americans in the Phoenix community during MLK Day and Black History month. The Suns are celebrating individuals such as Carnes who are promoting equality and excellence during our Phoenix Suns home games.

What is your role at Pilgrim Rest Foundation?

“I am the Director of Family Services for Pilgrim Rest Foundation Inc., also known as Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. In my capacity, what I do is assist individuals who may need those different types of social services, rental assistance, utility assistance, food assistance, health insurance, looking for a job. I'm just trying to get them the necessary resources so that they can live and function in life.”

Why has it always been important for you to give back to the community?
“I come from a family where we've always given back and it's really important for us to help others that might not be as fortunate as me. I know how it is when you need help and so it's a huge blessing for me to be able to go back into our communities and assist individuals and to be of service to people who are in need is very impactful. It's a blessing to me and I just feel home to be able to serve.”

Who helped teach you the art of giving?
“I would definitely say my grandmother and also my mother. Both individuals have always been very giving whenever there has been a need. Whether a family needed food, if they needed clothes or if they just needed some assistance within their household, an ear to listen to, a hug. So, my family's always been able to give back to the community with open arms. Those are the two individuals that I look at as far as me being of service to others.”

What does it mean to be honored by the Phoenix Suns?
“I'm just tremendously humbled. You do the work. You never really think about what you do or how impactful it is sometimes. It's nice to be recognized by the Phoenix Suns organization. I'm extremely humbled. I'm excited and I just feel really honored and privileged to receive this award tonight.”

How special is it to receive this award on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
“Extremely, extremely exciting. What Dr. King stood for. He said, ‘Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.' That's what I look to do in my life. He's a perfect example of servant leadership. To be able to be honored on this national holiday here in Arizona and just knowing all that Dr. King did for myself and for everyone about equality. There's still work to do. So, just extremely humbled to be honored on this special day.”

The Phoenix Suns are looking to recognize African Americans in the Phoenix community during Black History Month by awarding them with the Golden Standard Award. During this period we will celebrate those who are promoting equality and excellence throughout the valley. Golden Standard Award winner will receive:

-       1 VIP suite night for 16 guests

-       Pregame on-court recognition as a Golden Standard Award winner

-       Promotional recognition within the Phoenix Suns website

Submit entries for the Golden Standard Award HERE:


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