Suns Retorter: 1992-93 Suns Deserve to be in NBA2K

1992-93 Suns Team Photo

In a world ruled by children of the 80s and 90s, full of choice and obsessed with all things retro, it’s hard to believe that one of the most iconic teams in Phoenix Suns history has very little representation when it comes to video games.

That’s right, it’s that time of year again where I pull out the soap box and firmly stand on it to preach -- or rant depending on your thoughts on the matter -- about how the 1992-93 Suns have never been pixilated to our liking.

Arguably the greatest team in franchise history, has appeared in only one sorry 16-bit excuse for a video game over the last two decades.

Shocking right?

After extensive research -- aka late night Google deep dive -- the only title the group appeared in was the less-than-memorable NBA Showdown 94, a game which is held is about as high a regard as Atari’s ET game that now litters a New Mexico landfill.

The Purple Gang From Phoenix, as the great Al McCoy dubbed them, was built for the video game age. A gregarious super star at the peak of his powers, a point guard who was equally efficient at scoring and passing, two three-point specialists who could nail a shot at any time, and three forwards who could win a dunk contest at the drop of the hat. That’s doesn’t include the fact that their offense was predicated on running the floor and scoring 110+ points a night.

GALLERY: The 1993 NBA Finals

It’s time for this digital travesty to finally come to an end. It’s time for NBA 2K to put this legendary team in a proper video game for the first time ever. Their 1993 NBA Finals opponents, the Chicago Bulls, have already been bestowed the honor. Heck, even the 1992-93 Hornets sneaked their way into the game.

Let’s make this happen. KJ, Barkley, Thunder Dan, Chambers, Ceballos, Ainge, West and the rest deserve a rematch with Chicago. Even if it’s only digitally.

Oh, and digital Ainge, don’t leave anyone open for three.

YOUR TURN: Tweet @NBA2k with #GiveUs93Suns or comment below letting your voice be heard.


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