Kevin Durant Praises Devin Booker's Trash-Talking

by Cody Cunningham

“This is my gym…This is my house.”

Devin Booker has no problem facing tough competition and letting people know who he is. The 20-year-old likes to talk and when you can back up those words with 28-point quarters, buzzer-beaters and 70-point games, we can’t blame him.

Kevin Durant of the Warriors has been vocal in his praise for Booker multiple times, including stating his desire for the Thunder to draft Booker when he was still in Oklahoma City.

The former MVP and current reigning NBA Champion appeared on The Bill Simmons Podcast on Thursday, where he was asked if he had his eye on any young up-and-coming trash-talkers.

“Devin Booker will talk a little,” Durant said. “I love Devin Booker, man. He love the game and he like a dog. He’ll talk [expletive]. He’ll like rough you up. He’ll get up into you. Better watch out for that boy because he is nice. He next, I’m telling you.”

The excitement for Booker’s game continues to grow as he gears up for his third NBA season.