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What They're Saying: Pacers Unveil Hickory Uniform

by Wheat Hotchkiss
Pacers.com Writer/Editor

The Pacers had social media buzzing on Tuesday morning after announcing an innovative partnership with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the classic sports movie Hoosiers, the Pacers and MGM will introduce a special Hickory uniform to be worn in select regular season games as part of the NBA Pride Collection, beginning in the 2015-16 season.

Fittingly, the news was first shared by Pacers point guard George Hill. Having grown up in Indianapolis and starred at both Broad Ripple High School and IUPUI, Hill was the perfect person to model these uniforms, which pay tribute to the rich history of high school basketball in the state of Indiana.

Since Hill's initial tweet, numerous news outlets and personalities have chimed in with their thoughts on the new look, which seems to be a major hit. "George Hill" was even trending nationally on Twitter this morning.

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Check out this list below for a small sampling of what the world wide web is saying about the Hickory uniforms:

Paul Lukas, ESPN's Uni Watch: Lukas, the definitive internet authority on anything related to sports uniforms, tweeted an all-caps "WOW" when the news broke. He later released an informative Q&A with our very own Todd Taylor that explains how this idea came about. Read More »


Indy Star: The Star interviewed Angelo Pizzo, who wrote the 1986 film. An ecstatic Pizzo said, "Those are the exact jerseys. It's obviously quite amazing to see that." Read More »

Reggie Miller:

Entertainment Weekly: "Thanks to a special partnership between the Indiana Pacers and MGM, the movie Hoosiers will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a very special and very different kind of commemoration." Read More »


GQ: "(The Pacers') decision is genius, because these are jerseys that everyone loves, and even though they've actually never been the Pacers jerseys, they are totally fitting for a team from Indiana." Read More »

CNN's Rachel Nichols:

SB Nation: "If you're in a nostalgic mood, watch the ending scene from Hoosiers and get excited we'll see these on the court again." Read More »

NFL Network's Rich Eisen:

CBS Sports: "This is a very unique and cool uniform choice by the Pacers. Hopefully, head coach Frank Vogel will be reciting Hickory High coach Norman Dale's pre-game motivational speech whenever the Pacers wear these uniforms." Read More »

The Hoosier Gym:

Yahoo Sports: "It's a neat idea to tap into the state's love of its basketball mythology, especially if it opens the door to even further excavation of Indiana's rich love of hoops." Read More »

Indiana Fever Head Coach Stephanie White:

Bleacher Report: "The kits are reliably nostalgic." Read More »

NBC Sports: "These uniforms border awesome and ridiculous, but even if they’re ridiculous, I love them." Read More »

Bill Simmons: "The Sports Guy"'s tweet featured a couple errors in both his numbering and mastery of the Pacers' roster, but he did lead with great points: "1. This is amazing. 2. I want one." Read More »

Big Ten Network: "These are incredible." Read More »

FOX Sports Indiana's Chris Denari:

Washington Post: "Yes, the Pacers will be wearing the Hickory High uniforms sported in the 1986 movie 'Hoosiers.'" Read More »

Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck:

Indy Star: The Star also put together this amusing list titled "Top 10 things to expect from Hickory Pacers." Our favorite? "3. Joe Young will jump on Myles Turner's back and measure the height of every basket in road arenas." Read More »


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