Randy Wittman

Where Are They Now: Randy Wittman

by Greg Rappaport
Pacers.com Writer

Until recently, just about everyone knew where Randy Wittman was. From 20011 to 2016, Wittman was the head coach of the Washington Wizards, guiding them to the playoffs in 2014 and 2015.

Following a 41-41 season in 2016, the Wizards decided to part ways with Wittman, but the former Pacers player isn't sitting idle in his first year away from the sidelines since becoming an assistant coach in 1992-93.

"I'm in-between jobs," said Wittman, who is still living in Washington D.C. and keeping his chin up about his future coaching prospects. "Early spring when things begin to open up, I'll take a look at what's out there and see if I want to get back in it."

Wittman recently had a couple surgeries from injuries left over from his playing days, getting a knee and a hip replacement while watching the NBA as a pure observer for the first time in decades.

"I'm going out and visiting different teams. I visited Boston and saw Doc (Rivers) and the Clippers, visited with both Doc and Brad Stevens. Going to get a chance to see Nate (McMillan) on Saturday. I've been trying to get out and see a different perspective, being an outsider looking in."

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Both of Wittman's children, Ryan and Lauren, are graduated and living on their own, leaving Wittman to immerse himself in a sort of basketball sabbatical.

As a player, Wittman was a member of the Pacers for four seasons, from 1988-1992. Before that, he played college basketball for Indiana University and high school ball for Indianapolis' own Ben Davis High School.


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