We Grow Basketball Here: Silent Night

The second episode of the We Grow Basketball Here documentary series, tells the story of a unique annual holiday tradition at Taylor University, where all is calm until the team scores 10 points.

The NAIA school in Upland has garnered national attention over the years thanks to its Silent Night men's basketball game, held each year in December.

The tradition has carried on for over 20 years. The student body packs the gym to capacity, but instead of cheering they instead sit in silence until the home team scores its 10th point.

At that point, the gym erupts.

"The mounting tension, it just palpable," Taylor student Lucas Magaldi recalls. "You can just feel it in the air."

The tradition has grown in scale over the years. Students wear elaborate group costumes to the game, creating the most visually unique court-storming scene in college basketball.

Each year at the end of the game, the students serenade the players in the closing minutes of the game with — what else? — "Silent Night."

You can watch "Silent Night" in the embedded video player above or on the Pacers Facebook page.

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