Paul George Gifts his Signature Shoe to Entire Team

With Paul George's signature Nike shoe, the PG1, set to hit the shelves on Saturday, George supplied all of his teammates with a pair.

The Ferocity colorway, featuring Indiana Pacers themed colors is what hits stores tomorrow, but George hooked his teammates up with the Shining colorway, a black and silver color scheme featuring a unique sequential number on each pair.

"You want to support (your teammates). that's the biggest thing," Thad Young said while rocking his pair. "I definitely gotta support so I'm going to be rocking my PG1s."

Some of the players on the Pacers have deals with other shoe companies, making them unable to wear the PG1s during a game. So far, George has been enjoying seeing his teammates and other players around the league wear the signature shoes. At Friday's practice, the kicks were ubiquitous.

"It's awesome, it was great yesterday watching games and seeing guys wearing them," George said. "Again, it's a reason why I wanted to be a signature guy and have a chance to have guys wear my shoes because I wanted to make a really good shoe that guys want to play in."