Denari's Den with Guest Quinn Buckner

Denari's Den

Denari's Den: Guest Quinn Buckner

by Chris Denari

November 8, 2012

While I spend a great deal of time with Pacers' fans on FOX Sports Indiana during the season, I am also looking forward to sharing time with you in Denari's Den during Pacers' Weekly on 1070 The Fan and right here on Each week, I will welcome an interviewee in Denari's Den to talk about the Pacers or the NBA in general.


A regular guest will be one of my partners on our FOX Sports Indiana telecasts, Quinn Buckner. One of only three males to win a high school, college, Olympic and NBA title, Quinn has tremendous knowledge about the Pacers, the NBA, and most of all, the game of basketball. Since the Pacers opened the season in Toronto last week, Quinn shares his thoughts on the international influence in the NBA and how the Pacers and other NBA teams are dealing with early season injuries to star players. I hope you enjoy!