Captains Corner with Melanie

Feb. 25, 2010

Since I was 10 years old, Reggie Miller has always been my favorite player. When I was a kid, I had posters of him all over my wall and I was sure to be wearing my #31 jersey when a Pacers game came on the TV!!! I even named my cat Reggie. I will NEVER forget sitting in the second row for Game 5 of the 2000 finals against the Lakers. Unfortunately we weren’t NBA Champions that year, but it was still a memorable moment for me to be sitting so close watching Reggie Miller lead the Pacers to a win over the Lakers.

Luckily when I joined the Pacemates in 2003, Reggie was still playing. The first time the Pacemates and I were on the practice court and Reggie came in to warm up, I about died!!! I just couldn’t believe I was standing on the same court along with the person I had looked up to while growing up. The final three years of Reggie’s career I was on the Pacemates and those years will always be memorable to me. Each game he played was extremely exhilarating and I felt so grateful to be able to experience watching him in person.

For Reggie’s final game they celebrated his retirement and hung up his banner. This night turned out to be an emotional one for everyone. I still remember watching his banner go up and sitting with the other girls crying. It was incredible to look at the fans in the stands and see they were crying as well. Reggie was loyal to the city of Indianapolis and the fans and vice versa. I feel he will always be remembered for that. He truly is a legend! He was a team leader, an inspiration and will always be a role model for the next generation of NBA players to come. I’m excited to be part of his movie premiere tomorrow night. We’ll see you on the red carpet!

Feb. 10, 2010

Hi Pacers fans! I’m Melanie and this is my new blog, “Captain’s Corner.” Since it’s mid-season and I’ve gotten to know these girls pretty well, I thought that it might be nice to give a you a little “behind-the-scenes” information about the team. I’ll be writing a new blog each month so be sure to come back and visit to see what is going on with the Indiana Pacemates!

Tamara- AKA “Teyonce”. This 2nd year vet got her nickname Teyonce because she can dance and sing just like the diva Beyonce!! Tamara is one of our best hip hop dancers on the team. She is known to serenade us at the games in the locker room and at practice as well. Teyonce can light up a room once she enters it!!

Jessica P.- Jessica is one of the 3 Jessica’s on our team. We had to nickname all 3 so we could distinguish between the girls. Jessica P.’s nickname is JP. Even though JP is a brunette and is very smart, she is known to have cute “blonde” moments from time to time. She is extremely sweet and you will always see this girl smiling big at a game!

Jessica R.- AKA “Junior”. Junior is a 3rd year veteran and is a phenomenal versatile dancer! This girl can nail any style of dance you throw at her. I remember when she first started she was very quiet and reserved, but let me tell you, this past year at auditions, this girl stood out like a true diva!!!

Jessica L.- And the last (but not least) Jessica on our team is nicknamed Jessie. This girl has a big heart and she is definitely one of our most improved rookies. She is also one of the babies on the team and you can see her at the games with a huge smile on her face. She is such a wonderful performer!!

Ashley- Ash is one of our beautiful long-legged dancers! She is a 3rd year veteran. When she first joined the team she was one of the youngest and now it’s hard to believe she’s about to turn 21!!! There is never a moment at the game you won’t see this girl smiling beautifully! Ash is kind at heart and is always there to listen when you need a friend to talk to.

Meredith- AKA “Mere” or “Merebear”. Mere is definitely one of a kind! She is also one of our long-legged beauties! Mere is multi-talented and is known for the goofy little character voice she can make. I’ve always told her that her calling is to do cartoon voiceover in a Disney movie! She is a 4th year vet and was also just a baby when she first joined the team.

Whitney- Whitney is one of the 3 school teachers on our team and she is also one of our rookies. This girl definitely knows how to cheer you up and put a smile on your face. She is known for her beautiful head of curls and you can always see her at the game with her hair looking perfect!!

Elizabeth- I like to call her “Vegas”. As well as this being her first year on the team, this is also her first year of living in Indiana. She is one of our tallest girls and is from Las Vegas! This rookie is also one of our school teachers. If you’re ever in need of Geography info, this girl has all the answers for you!

Kayla- Kayla is a rookie on the team and likes to be called “Lola”. She was so shy when she first started this year, but she has already come out of her shell and has such a spunky personality. Kayla is known for her wonderful technique and she has legs for days!!!

Sarrah- Are you a Colts fan? Well if so, then you might remember this beautiful redhead. She was a Colts Cheerleader from 2008-2009. She is the tiniest girl on our team, but don’t be fooled by her size!! She dances with a lot of power and her energy can blow the ceiling off of Conseco Fieldhouse. She definitely knows how to get the crowd pumped up!

Jarin- This blonde bombshell is a 4th year veteran and has been teaching 1st grade for 3 years. As well as being such a sweetheart, she is one of the most helpful girls on the team! Jarin has been dancing her whole life and is a wonderful well-rounded dancer. You’ll never see her at a game without a smile on her face!!

Brittany- Brittany is in her 2nd year on the team. Aside from her unique fashion style, this girl’s personality is one of a kind. She is always dressed in trendy clothes whether it be at practice, on her way to a game or a night out on the town. She is known for her hilarious impression of a chicken. She always has us laughing in the locker room when she does “buck buck buck buck buckaaaaw”.

Shea- This rookie is probably one of our most dedicated rookies I have ever seen. She drives to practice, games and appearances all the way from OHIO! She is such a great addition to our team this year and is such a hard worker. You will notice her at the games with a beautiful smile on her face and a whole lot of energy! You can also see her during the games as a Pacers on-court emcee…come and check her out!


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