Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Pacers Announce New Video Screen and Sound System

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Best Arena Scoreboard Coming to Bankers Life Fieldhouse

August 16, 2012

Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PS&E) today announced that ANC Sports, a nationally-recognized leader in venue services, has designed major upgrades to the audio and video systems of Bankers Life Fieldhouse, with the centerpiece of the project being a state-of-the-art, new center-hung scoreboard that will be nearly five times the size of its predecessor.

"We are thrilled to add a game changer when it comes to the overall in-arena experience," stated Rick Fuson, chief operating officer of PS&E. "Rare is the opportunity to upgrade something that everyone—from our fans, to our corporate partners, to our players—will benefit from. We are excited to see this new system in action." Installation is scheduled for completion in time for the 2012-13 Indiana Pacers season.

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The new scoreboard will feature twin 1080p high definition (HD) video screens, each measuring 50 feet long – extending nearly foul line to foul line – by 21 feet high. In addition to the HD screens running the length of the court, the innovative rectangular scoreboard design will be capped by a 25’ by 14’ full 1080p HD video screen facing each baseline. The end result of the design is a greatly improved visual experience from nearly every seat in the building.

By comparison, the four 16’ by 9’ standard definition video screens on the original scoreboard measured 576 total sq. feet, whereas the new scoreboard video display is nearly 5x larger, measuring in at 2,800 total sq.ft. In addition to the substantial increase in screen size, the new screens will dramatically improve image quality. The new 1080p HD screens will provide crystal-clear images that rival the finest in-home picture quality sports fans have been accustomed to viewing.

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To complement the massive new scoreboard, a completely new audio system will be installed to replace the existing system. The new system will be capable of delivering a wide range of high quality sound to support the new video screens, improve life safety announcements by improving intelligibility throughout the arena, and further enhance the overall fan experience for all entertainment events at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

"Since its opening in 1999, Bankers Life Fieldhouse has been considered one of the finest buildings in the country for basketball and other live events," said Jerry Cifarelli, president and chief executive officer of ANC Sports. "The installation of the new audio and video systems will enhance the events and also preserve the incredible views of Bankers Life Fieldhouse’s arena floor, thereby creating one of the most unique live event experiences in the world."

"Since it is impossible for us to play a game in each fan’s home, we thought we would bring the total HD home experience to Bankers Life Fieldhouse," said Fuson. "The new scoreboard and audio system will allow fans to enjoy picture clarity and sound normally reserved for a home theater setting. Combined with the action and excitement that can only be found at a live event, fans will experience the most dynamic presentations for basketball and other live events."

Weighing in at approximately 45,000 pounds, the state-of-the-art scoreboard will be among the largest arena video screens in the United States and will replace the traditional square design installed by the Capital Improvement Board (CIB) during construction of Bankers Life Fieldhouse in 1999. This upgrade will also include safety improvements to the hoists and support system.

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Completing the interior portion of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse upgrade will be the installation of two LED video displays located in each balcony endzone. The displays will measure 23' by 10' and will provide fans with stats, replays, and other game related information.

Driven by ANC Sports' VisionSOFT operating system, all of the new audio and video upgrades will seamlessly integrate with the existing LED ribbon and digital courtside signage systems creating unlimited opportunities to enhance the fan experience and provide additional value for current and future corporate partners. "We anticipate a very positive impact on our business, especially related to increasing corporate partnerships and ticket buying fans," said Fuson.

Fans venturing out of the seating bowl during events will be able to follow action without missing a beat. To supplement the audio and video upgrades in the interior, 330 new HD flat screen TVs (ranging in size from 32” to 70”) will be installed throughout the concourses on all levels of the Fieldhouse creating a fully integrated audio and video experience.

About the Video System:

  • Rectangular, center-hung design with two 50' by 21' and two 25' by 14' 1080p HD Mitsubishi Electric Diamond VisionTM 6mm LED video screens.
  • Two 23' by 10' LED video displays.
  • LED ribbon (installed 2011)
  • Digital courtside signage (installed 2011)

ANC's VisionSOFTTM is the first 64-bit operating system for stadium signage, enabling the scoreboard, video display, LED ribbon, and courtside signage to be fully integrated, allowing all screens to display a single image, replay, animation or for each screen to display a unique image or set of data such as in-depth real-time statistics.

About the Sound System:

  • Six main arrays of JBL speakers, each with 10 high power 3-way modules with double 15” woofers
  • High power full range speakers to replace catwalk-mounted and scoreboard-mounted fill speakers
  • 3D acoustic model built in industry standard EASE platform which will provide loudness of 106dB SPL average in spectator areas with uniformity of +/- 3dB Broadband