Area55 Gameday

Area 55 Member of the Month: Justin Beck

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
Age: 21 (July 3, 1990)
Pacer fan for: 11 years (since 2000)
Favorite Pacer Player: Danny Granger

By: Ashley Peek

Justin Beck used Twitter to find out about Area 55, and although it was an opportunity just for those in America, he gave it a shot. Beck made suer to go all out in his Area 55 audition. After proving himself worthy, the Pacers called Beck up to offer him the 56 spot in Area 55.

“It is a dream come true,” Beck said. “A privilege, an absolute once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m used to watching them at 4:30 in the morning not at 7 at night. Its amazing”

An opportunity in which he has became part of a family within Area 55, even being offered a place in a fellow members home. When asked his favorite thing about Indianapolis, he said the people.

“Everyone here is so nice,” he said. “They welcome me to be a part of this fan section.”

Using the powers of social media, Beck found out about the auditions from Roy Hibbert’s twitter, his favorite team member to follow is Paul George (@King24George.) “I follow every player,” he said.

Although he has been given this opportunity and has been blessed with a place to live here in town, his visa only allows him to stay in the states for a 90-day period. “I’ll be doing a lot of flying back and forth at times, but it is worth it,” he said.

Beck became a Pacers fanatic in 2000 during the Reggie Miller era.

“I feel in love with Reggie,” he said. “He just has inspired me and all the stuff he did for Indiana.” Becks home in Australia is covered with Miller and Pacers memorabilia.

Thirty-six hours on a plane separate Beck from his hometown in Australia, but for now he calls Area 55 home.

“I’ll be a Pacers for life,” he said. “I’ll get it tattooed on me if I have to.”