Area 55 Goes to the Movies with Hibbert

Roy Hibbert with his Area 55 fans in lobby of AMC 14 Castleton movie theater

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by Jeff Tzucker

June 13, 2012

On Wednesday night, Pacers center Roy Hibbert treated more than 50 Area 55 Season 2 fans and guests to Prometheus 3D at the AMC Castleton 14 theater. How, you might wonder, does that happen? It happened when Hibbert spontaneously decided on Monday evening to tweet the movie invite to his Area 55 Season 2 fans, paid for by Hibbert himself.

However, not long after tweeting, the number of retweets and replies hinted towards an event that could take on a life of its own. Realizing this potential, Hibbert wisely sought out a little help from Pacers staff and enrolled one of his biggest fans, Joe Murphy, to work on coordinating the group. Together they communicated with AMC to iron out the details of the event and get a firmer hold on the number of fans wanting to attend.

Pacers center Roy Hibbert in his movie seat with a fan sitting behind him

Before heading to the movie, Hibbert had only one request for his fans: Let's have fun, but no questions about next year or contract negotiations. With that in mind, the event went off without a hitch—well, except for maybe the fan who sat behind the 7'2" center.