Denver Nuggets celebrate Women’s Empowerment Month: Brittainy Wilmer

by Kerry Anne Keogh

When it comes to crunching the numbers, Brittainy Wilmer knows sports finance.

Wilmer has been with KSE for nine-plus years, as a Controller, overseeing all financial activity associated with the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Rapids, and Kroenke Sports Charities. This includes monthly financial statements, annual budgets, mid-year forecasts, and all audit requirements. She is also in charge of reporting a substantial amount of required information to the league, including gate receipts, sponsorships, and all team expenses.

Wilmer began her journey into the world of finance at the University of Northern Colorado, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. She later attained her CPA license. Much as in basketball, Wilmer’s arrival in the world of sports was all about timing.

“I was just looking for a job at the right time. The recruiter I was working with happened to be recruiting for KSE and it was a good fit for me at that time in my career," Wilmer said. "I was a Nuggets fan long before coming to work at KSE and being a fan of the team makes a lot of the work more fun! I’m passionate about the work that I do and that has kept me striving to move up.”

Wilmer has moved up several times within KSE, beginning her career as an internal auditor, working her way up as a Manager of Sports Accounting, then a Corporate Controller, and now is a Controller of Sports Finances. She diligently works to develop and implement financial systems, strategies, processes, and controls to improve the efficiency and accuracy of her department.

“My initial promotion to Controller was a great moment,” says Wilmer.

When asked about whom she is most inspired by within the company, Wilmer was quick to recognize the work of her mentor, Senior Vice President of Internal Audit Kathleen Besser.

“Kathleen has been my greatest mentor at KSE. She has been a wonderful mentor and coach at every level of my career here. I have been so lucky to have her guidance in my career.”

One of the things Wilmer is very passionate about is helping others. She is one of the founding members of the newly established KSE women’s group. She also works closely with Kroenke Sports Charities and its many signature events throughout the year.

“Our Day of Service Projects, Nuggets Special Olympics clinics, and Avalanche Charity Bruch are all wonderful events to be a part of. I love getting to see our hard work come to life at these events," she said.

Outside of KSE, Wilmer also works diligently to help others. She serves as the treasury officer for the Diabetes Support Network in Denver, which focuses on creating an accepting community by providing guidance and support for people with diabetes in identifying and developing healthy and sustainable habits.

When not helping others, Wilmer enjoys spending time with her husband and two children but acknowledges that this year has brought its challenges, being a full-time working parent during the COVID pandemic.

“The pandemic has brought forth so many challenges! Pivoting to working from home full-time was a challenge in and of itself," she said. "Then I layered in a five-year-old in remote schooling and a three-year-old out of preschool and at home, running wild. In the moment, the days were very long, but honestly, the hardest part was that also brought on an immense amount of guilt. I was at home all day but couldn’t play with my kids. It was hard for them to understand.”

Wilmer has taken on the challenges of having a full-time career while being a full-time parent with poise and grace. She has not let the challenges of this year slow her down in the least bit, having this advice to give to other women who may find themselves struggling with finding a good work-life balance.

“Focus on what you can control," she said. "You can control your attitude, effort, and preparation. Know yourself well and don’t buckle under pressure to be someone you aren’t!”


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