NBA Math Hoops provides educational and entertaining resources during tough times

As families across the nation deal with the COVID-19 virus, NBA Math Hoops wants to ensure that children can still obtain valuable educational resources to further their studies. Please see below for information on how families can access these resources at home.

1) The NBA Math Hoops app is available on iOS for students who are home from school. You can download the app using this link:

2) Math Hoops will also be sending games directly to families who have children out of school. "As a result of our current public health crisis, many students across the country will lose out on a significant number of hours in the classroom. Learn Fresh has reserved a limited number of NBA Math Hoops board games to donate directly to families, who may find that they have few adequate resources to keep their children engaged during this time."

If an NBA Math Hoops board game would be immediately valuable for your 4-8th grader to continue their STEM and math education, please click here to complete the form.


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