Isaiah Austin and Quincy Miller

Heart-wrenching story of Baylor prospect hits home for Quincy Miller

Nuggets forward befriended Isaiah Austin while at Baylor University
by Aaron Lopez

Count Denver Nuggets forward Quincy Miller among those felt a sense of pride when Isaiah Austin walked across the stage and shook hands with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on draft night.

Four days after learning that a genetic disorder would not allow him to pursue his NBA dream, Austin was recognized when Silver made him an honorary draft pick during the first round.

“For me, I was just happy to see him get to walk across the stage and get that experience,” Miller said. “I know Isaiah personally. I know he’s a great kid and how hard he works and how much he loves the game.”

While playing at Baylor University in 2011-12, Miller was Austin’s host during a recruiting visit. The two also knew each other from workouts in the Dallas area.

Austin, a 7-foot-1 center, left Baylor after his sophomore season to enter the NBA draft, but he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome while going through predraft medical testing. Marfan syndrome is a genetic condition that weakens the body’s connective tissue and can be life-threatening.

“When he got the news, it was really heartbreaking” Miller said. “Isaiah’s a great kid. He had the potential to be a great player.”


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