Gary Harris Joins Kreckman & Harris to Talk Nike Jersey Reveal

Gary Harris joined Kreckman and Harris of Altitude Sports immediately following this afternoon's Association and Icon Nike jersey unveil.

Kreckman kicked off the show with taking note of Harris’ significant improvement over the course of last season. “I’m working everyday. I’m trying to shoot 45 percent this year so putting in the work and hopefully these new uniforms will help me out a little bit.”

On the new uniforms Harris said, “It looks great and it feels great. Nike did a great job,” and expressed his excitement for the remaining two Nike jerseys to be revealed.

Moving to the court, Kreckman asked Harris what needed to get done prior to the start of the season.

“The first, second, and third thing we need to do is defense.”

Asked of how it is playing with Nikola Jokić, Harris joked, “easy,” and added, “the kid can play.”

The interview moved to Harris’ role in recruiting recently signed Paul Millsap and his excitement heading into the 2017-18 season.

The conversation can be heard in full above.