Nuggets honor Black History Month: Bobby Simmons' impact

by Alex Labidou Staff Writer

It’s an internet gif that is well-known among Nuggets fans. Nikola Jokić dancing his way toward the tunnel with a smiling gentleman walking alongside him. 

The gentleman’s name is Bobby Simmons and he’s been the Nuggets’ Director of Security for more than 14 years, following a highly-decorated, almost three-decade career in law enforcement. Simmons vividly remembers the day he was offered the job. 

“I’ll never forget the head trainer at that time, Jim Gillen, approached me and asked if I would be interested in working for the organization. It was like a dream come true,” Simmons said. “I jumped at it immediately. I’ve running it ever since.” 

Through Simmons’ nearly 20 years of service within the organization, he’s seen the team from the Carmelo Anthony Era through its current phase as a contender. 

“I’ve worked with a number of coaches, assistant coaches and players. This group we have now is unbelievable,” Simmons said. “It’s a great group of young men who are committed. Even on some of the previous Nuggets teams, there were great players. [Some] on to other teams and became stars. The team we have now, it’s been fun working with them and the organization. “

Nuggets VP of Basketball Administration Lisa Johnson, who has worked for the organization since 1981, appreciates Simmons’ attention to detail. 

“We are beyond fortunate to have him,” Johnson said. “Bobby sees it from all sides, the players, the coaches, the staff – everything. He’s got that intuition, that instinctiveness to just take over everything. Whenever Bobby is around, no matter what is going on, you know it’s going to be OK. 

Gary Harris, the longest tenured Nugget, agrees with Johnson. 

“If Bobby got something to do with it, you know it’s going to be secure,” Harris said. 

Harris is in his sixth season with the Nuggets and has developed a close relationship with Simmons. 

“Bobby is top flight. He’s in here every day, late or early, he helps us out a lot. He’s on the road with us, he’s been great for us. We appreciate everything he does,” Harris said. 

Simmons has a vast amount of experience but remains invigorated by his role within the Nuggets.

 “The guys appreciate what I do and they know what I do. In fact, one mentioned to me ‘You’re an asset to this team [and] there’s a lot of things you do that are behind the scenes that no one knows but we appreciate you having you around,” Simmons said. 


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