Bleacher Report: Nuggets Possible “NBA Superteam” With Nikola Jokić Next Season

With the offseason quickly approaching for the entire NBA, Bleacher Report takes a look at teams with prospects of becoming "Superteams" in the 2017-18 season.

Bleacher Report writer Dan Favale defines “Superteam” as a star-stacked roster reminiscent of the LeBron James led Miami Heat. While creating such a roster has become difficult in the league, Favale examines which teams could meet the criteria of earning the title of "super" by the start of next season. Favale's basis for determining which teams could construct such a roster, analyzes which franchises have “cap space, trade assets and incumbent talent” or in short, the “teams with the best shot at employing three top-25 talents by next season."

In his break down of potential Superteams, Favale lists the Nuggets at No. 3 for the “Best Possibility", highlighting Nuggets emerging star Nikola Jokić as one of the primary reasons.

Here’s a sample of what Favale had to say about Nikola Jokić: