Statement from Carmelo Anthony

Dec. 17 -- "Last night's altercation with the Knicks escalated further than it should
have. I take full responsibility for my actions in the matter. In the heat
of the moment I let my emotions get the best of me. I apologize to the fans,
the Denver Nuggets, the NBA, my mother, and my family for the embarrassment
I have caused them. I ask you all for your forgiveness.

I also want to make a personal apology to Mardy Collins and his family. My
actions were inexcusable, and I am sorry for making this an even more
embarrassing situation.

What makes this all the more painful is that this was one of the most
important weeks of my life. I just realized one of my biggest dreams when
we opened the Youth Center in Baltimore that bares my name. To see the
community excited and hundreds of kids smiling was an incredible feeling.
Now the thought of thousands of kids seeing this incident on TV pains me.
This is not the example I want to set.

It's my hope that we work to move forward from this event, and never let
something like this happen again."

-Carmelo Anthony